Advantages of Using Secure Messaging Apps

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Advantages Of Secure Messaging App And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Technology nowadays makes life somehow easier and fast-paced. Most of us can now freely work even at the comforts of our home or anywhere in the world. Thus using secure messaging apps enables family members, friends, and officemates to connect with each other in a “safe” manner. It is very advisable to try and download those kinds of apps in order to protect themselves and talk about private issues and concerns.

Here is a list of some of the main advantages of using secure messaging apps in daily conversations:


Most people, especially those who are working in sensitive positions such as the government and media, protect the classified information in their network using a hard drive, cloud, spam filters, firewalls, and other similar products.  The problem with depending on this method is when that same information needs to be transmitted from one user to another, there is no assurance that the recipient(s) are also protected in a secured network.

Using the same secure messaging apps gives assurance to everybody that only the intended parties can read the encrypted file thus protecting the information and their privacy.


Secure messaging apps may not protect the gadget itself (such as cellular phones, personal computers, and other similar products) but it utilizes complex encryption software to prevent snooping eyes who are using a gadget to read sensitive conversations.


Using secure messaging apps allows users to go straight to the conversation part, thus preventing others to send spam or anything that has malicious content. It also protects you from potential creeps and hackers who will suddenly butt in the conversation.


It is a known fact that architects who design buildings follow patterns in order to describe well-known and tested methods and materials. Other architects and engineers can review those designs and compare it to building patterns in order to ensure that it has structural integrity.

The same principles apply to secure chat apps. By following public and well-tested design patterns and protocols, apps can be more easily tested, reviewed, and we can be more confident that their designs work as intended.


You don’t have to worry if you’re actually talking to a trusted source or not because secure messaging apps will do it for you. They have methods such as asking for cellphone number and other personal information or ask questions from time to time in order to give the assurance that the information you’re sharing is received in safe hands.


One of the principal features of good encrypted messaging systems is their lack of an audit trail. The contents of a message are unreadable to anyone, including programmers in charge of the app, except to the sender and recipient. There is also no metadata stored anywhere that might give clues as to the correspondent’s identity, location, or the nature of their communication.


Whenever a secure messaging app detects that your information will be compromised or at risk of being hacked, it will use different methods such as deleting all files immediately or asking you to change your password in order to prevent other people from having access to peek at your conversation and use it for their personal gains. Because of this, it gives you the assurance that whatever you’re talking about will remain private.


Most secure messaging apps operate in a similar fashion to text messaging, usually with the same features as popular email services. It makes you use the app more frequently and you don’t have to think about complex codes or encryption keys because the app itself will do it for you. The best part is that most of it is free to download and use for daily conversations.


Whenever you are using secure messaging apps, it makes sure that your private details and information log remains anonymous thus protecting your personal safety. But how is it actually done? These apps allow you to use separate “aliases” which gives you the control to talk with the right parties involved and prevents unintentional sharing of information using the wrong account.

There are still some flaws depending on what app you are currently using but programmers are trying their best to improve the system and allow more apps to have an encryption feature. Overall, there are still more beneficial advantages of using secure messaging apps whether the reason is for business or even personal reasons.

Ellaiza Wapano