5 Social Media Myths To Consider

Social Media has been a staple in in our lives in this day and age: we use mainly to communicate, share our activities, sometimes we keep tabs on posting jobs since most employers have been scouting for potential employees suitable for the job.

Business outfits and budding entrepreneurs has used social media as a home to promote and sell their product and thanks to messaging features, it has become accessible to communicate, social media has becomes closer and for that notion is a curse, and myths that create assumptions and entitlement of closeness, the idea of people would follow you just because we amazing content or something witty to say.

Myth in Roland Barthes terms are a set of commonly assumptions draws from societal and cultural context, and in social media terms, having an account validates one’s existence and that’s why people within that space are consistently active and unfortunately, it takes one to succeed for social media.

Here’s 5 myths you want to consider:


  1. Having the need to create a lot of social media accounts

The agony of having multiple social media accounts is the pressure of creating to follow people and to stay relevant, you’ll be wasting a lot of time keeping tabs on others’ activities, and honestly not everyone spends a lot of time on social media as much as you do – others may have the same sentiment as yours, some keep these accounts for job and career reasons, it may be true because it happens their co-workers and colleagues communicate for status report of their work.

The solution to this dilemma is to take around 3 accounts that people commonly use.

  1. A Huge Amount of Followers is equal to Success

Virtually, you can have thousands of friends to invite to like your page or follow you, numbers should project that you are successful and relevant and from a business or career perspective, it’s the demographic or target audience that needs to be focus in order to meet your goals and fully actualize your endeavors.

  1. Big Results will come out in 3-6 months

3 to 6 months has become a running gag these days, projected expectations are at high if one forget its demographic by setting goals and expectations. You have to ask, who is your audience? From there, you can definitely have an idea what kind of material you’ll be posting, your general followers come and go but your target audience will remain and anticipate your material that you’ll be posting.

  1. You Got The Right Demographic/Target Audience!

Congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot but not close enough. Upon realizing your target audience, you have an edge but here’s the catch: trends change, fads change and technology changes every now and they, say in a feature of creating a content for social media requires understanding its updates, knowing what’s in or  new. Needless to say, it’s a combination of research and adapting to technology which you should Utilize.

  1. Feedback

There are thousands of comments that sprung from your followers, it’s hard the fact you have to follow each of them and sometimes we to ignore them and just move along. Listening to your followers may do you a favor on using those words as an idea of things to consider on creating content and who knows, their output would definitely motivate you do more and succeed! Customer is always right is the motto that is brutally honest.

To close the discussion regarding myths, social media’s ability to connect with the world is we forgot and we must make the most to communicate with the tools in disposal. We must not rely and depend, be beholden on set-ups, expectations, templates that shackle us and struck with default workload but instead, work on goals that work and engage people.

Five Reasons Why People Like Social Media

In digital age where connecting is possible, apps like Twitter and Instagram hasn’t only succeeded in getting in touch with friends and family, social media has broke waves and become a space for discourse, online shopping, meet and greet events, and back in the day, we used to collect cutouts of celebrities and our other idols that has been closest to our interaction but thanks to social media these celebs have also utilize it connect to the fans without the need of going after magazine or newspaper.

Here’s a rundown why people like social media:


  1. Sharing Our Opinion

To be expressive is human nature and not all of us are not articulate to express our ideas, some of us are comfortable on writing, in a social media space where you’re confined within a group of your friends.

And some viral videos and photos have garnered attention, social media has become a space for discourse, to talk about certain issues that news and other media outlets have limited content, its algorithms that have a certain keywords that track your own interest.

  1. Make New Friendships and Stay In Touch

Also reconnecting. We change jobs, move abroad or out of town, our circle of friends change over time, and social media has found a way to stay in touch with friends and their updates of their lives.

This is the cliché aspect of social media but it’s one of the facts, having to interact: commenting a few helps to create a friendship and connection possible, closer than ever.

  1. Meet and Greet Events

Here’s the truth: There’s a few number of people who read newspapers and magazines too. Having to flip pages of ads of a certain events are limited since these organizers have to pay for get included in print.

The social media’s vast space has allow event pages that cater to tailors people’s interest –  a fan meet and greet, block screening of a movie, benefit concerts and for personal uses, even birthdays and weddings use social media to invite friends and alike

  1. Buy and Sell

Working on a business requires a lot of heavy work – from paperwork, permits, leasing an area and marketing, and these days traffic can be a challenge especially if we’re talking about proximity. Putting a buy and sell items makes transaction easier, while we have online shopping sites where we can sell our items, buy and sell on social media takes away the hassle and with messaging features, it creates an open, concise communication between the buyer and seller that makes transaction smoother, easier and coordinated.

  1. Desire A Chance To Succeed

Set aside the influencer image, if you’re a budding actor without any agent or connections, social media is a way to promote your work and create a portfolio, this also applies to young entrepreneurs and people who follow the same path, having a social media account becomes a manifestation of your work and a living proof that you have your own career.