Benefits of Online Free Video Calls

Woman on smartphone video call

Numerous apps and services now offer features such as online free calls: either audio only, video calling, or both. Before smartphones existed, a live video call was considered a luxury and was rendered impractical as it requires complex and expensive equipment. Since communication is a vital part of any type of relationship and has therefore made it a necessity, strides in modern technology have made it easier to stay connected with others. From a simple phone call that was first made in 1876, now we are able to see and interact with people who are on the other side of the globe through face to face video calling. This technology also comes with several other benefits that both businesses and casual users can enjoy.

Office video call

1. International calling eliminates unnecessary travel expenses

Online video calling helps small to medium enterprises save on travel expenses whenever they need to have a meeting with potential clients or partners. Even large businesses also use online video calling as it is more convenient and cost-effective. A lot of video caller apps or software come with features that allow video conferencing.

As for personal use, a lot of people who are away from their families rely on video calls to chat with their loved ones. Parents, couples, or even just friends living far from each other, use online free video calls as a cheaper alternative to traveling regularly.

2. Video calling and streaming opens up new avenues for employment and education

Telecommuting is a working arrangement where employees do their job outside the principal office. This includes working from home or outsourcing to different countries where labor fees are cheaper. Online jobs are getting more and more common nowadays and give freelancers more opportunities for employment.

Virtual Assistants and other types of outsourced work are becoming a more popular choice especially for small-to-medium businesses. International video calling gives them the option to hire people from the other side of the globe and find qualified employees from other countries.

Another awesome application of this innovation is allowing educators video call with their students or pre-record classes. One popular example is the case of a Ukrainian teacher named Pavel Viktor, who made it a habit of streaming his Physics classes so that absent students can catch up with their lessons. Video streaming or live video calling is also used by online universities and tutoring services such as ESL (English as Second Language) learning. Personal tutors can teach their students one-by-one through video calling apps.


3. Face to face video calling reduces miscommunication

Much of what we mean to convey depends on the delivery of the message, and around 70% of human communication remains non-verbal. Have you ever sent a text or email that accidentally came across as angry, rude, or stand-offish because it lacked emotional context? It happens to the best of us, which is why it’s important to hear the voice or see someone’s face when you are talking to other people. Through using free video caller apps you can reduce strain from your professional or personal relationships by avoiding miscommunication.

Opting for online video call with others instead of the usual phone call also allows both ends to better understand the conversation. Several aspects of communication such as facial cues, gestures, and eye contact are lost with phone calls or plain texting. Though it eases communication because of its convenience, this doesn’t mean that video calls with other people should fully replace actual human interaction.

4. Video calls increase overall efficiency in management

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student participating in a group project at school, the availability of conference calling through live video makes it easier to manage a team. Since people are calling from different locations, meetings are required to have more structure. It allows participants to have a more flexible meeting schedule since members of the team no longer have to worry about other logistics such as commuting or travelling to the meeting place–they can either be at home or out of town.

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With excuses regarding location and travel out of the way, you can expect an increase in attendance and therefore positively impact the team’s productivity. Problems or issues can be resolved faster, and members can share their ideas with accompanying visuals in real time. You will also no longer need to wait for feedback as you can immediately present your ideas and get replies right away in a video conference.

These are just some of the advantages brought by video calling. If you’re looking for a free video calling app, EyesUP might be the perfect platform for you! Access a global community of users or stay connected with your family and friends through our simple social media features with a clutter-free interface.