Should Teens Go Social? Top 7 Benefits of Social Media for Students

student heading out to check benefits of social media

In regards to the benefits of social media, people say that students don’t get any benefits. Everyone perceives that the relationship between students and social media is negative.

“Social media is a distraction.”

“It’s making kids meet strangers instead of reading in their homes. Memes aren’t helping anyone.”

“Students are no longer interested in studying and would rather be a social media model.”

Those are a few statements above that shows the perception of older people when it comes to social media.

While the older crowd have strong negative views on social media, teens have mixed views on the benefits of social media.

Pew Research Center made a study last 2018 about the impact of social media on teens. According to the study:

  • The majority of teens (45%) believe social media has neither a positive nor negative effect on people their age.
  • About 31% said that social media has had a mostly positive impact.
  • 24% think that the effect of social media is mostly negative.

Now, based on what you’ve just read above, you might think that social media brings in negative effects. But that isn’t the case.

The research only shows that students haven’t realized the potential of using social media. It’s normal for the majority to think that social media is only for pop culture references and memes. But with the right guidance, students will able to use their social media efficiently.

Here are the top 8 benefits of social media for students:

1. Learning is more accessible

Let’s go back to the pre-internet era. For students to get their information, they must spend hours searching for the most helpful reference in the library. After that, they have to go back home and spend hours to get the specific info that they need.

Now, it’s no longer a challenge. You only need a mobile phone and a decent internet connection to get the info that you need. There are billions of information on the world wide web, ready to be consumed.

The main source of information comes from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. But aside from search engines, social media sites also provides extra knowledge. Social networking sites are home to different educational sites.

Interested in looking for scientific studies? You can subscribe to science facts. Need to find a certain historical event? Find hundreds of historical online pages for you.

That’s why aside from meme and lifestyle accounts, go for verified knowledge channels. With this, you’ll be able to learn while having fun at the same time.

2. Current events right at the student’s fingertips

Before, you need to wait for the newspaper. You can also wait for Radio or TV News shows to get on loop with the local and international affairs. But now with the internet and social media, the news is right around the corner. At times, the news actually takes place on social media.

3. Connecting with Experts

Back in the day, it’s tough to get an update about a known professional. You need to either buy his/her books or go to his scheduled workshops and seminars. And if that expert is on another side of the country, you’ll probably never have the chance to interact at all.

But as social media took over, these personalities are now sharing their works online. Photos, videos, webinars (seminars via live stream) are popularly checked by students. They also conduct online Q&As.

They also have an online presence as well. Aside from helping them gain an audience, these professionals can determine their followers’ locations. Hence, you’ll have a bigger chance of attending workshops and meet-up events.

4. Student Collaboration

Back in the days, student collaborations only happen in libraries or a member’s house. Instead of using the time collaborating, they’ll have to first spend long amounts of time waiting. They’ll have to wait for every member to show up, complete all the materials, and travel to their study spot.

And when they’re about to start studying or working on their project, there’s not much enough time. Such an inconvenience, right?

Now with a social media app, it’s no longer a hassle. Students can collaborate through online groups, forums, and group chats. No more waiting time for traveling and gathering.

5. Creative Expression

For students who are passionate about creating art, they are lucky. It’s because we exist in an era where one can freely post their art in public.

Before, only the rich and lucky ones are given the chance to show their artistic skills. They have the money to put up their works on an exhibit or event.

Now, students can showcase their works through the internet. They can also research more about their craft, as well as the technical and business aspects of art.

6. Learn and Experience International Culture

If you want to learn about another country, you can get info from books, magazines or locals (if you’re lucky). But now with modern times, you can learn anything about a country in a few clicks.

You can also meet foreign people online if you want to know more insights about a certain country. Social Media Apps like EyesUP lets you see users from various countries.

7. Social Media Marketing

Before, it’s all about traditional marketing. Want to get your product noticed? You have to put up ads on TV or print. Now, people are relying on social media marketing. New jobs were created because of it, such as social media managers.

If students can check out the fundamentals of social media marketing, they’ll earn more in no time.

Use an Efficient Social Media App

If you want to get in the benefits of social media, everything should be done in moderation. You also need to consider the apps that you’re using.

set of eyesup screenshots

With apps like EyesUP, ensure that you’ll have fuss-free social networking experience. No more gimmicky features and fluff. Communicate wherever, whenever and get the knowledge that you need. You can also talk to locals or gain foreign friends.

Available on Android and iOS, EyesUP enables you seamless features that could help you with your studying needs.

Julcee Arendaying