Trends of New Social Media Apps That Will Be Seen In EyesUP This 2019

There are many things in life that are currently evolving at a fast rate, including the use of technology. New social media apps are created almost every day that aim to give importance to what features and options the users actually want to have.

One such app is called EyesUP. Developed by MicroSLT Inc. last 2018, it offers an innovative way to interact with family and friends thru sending text messages or having audio and video calls all located in one place. Aside from that, it offers a clean layout and features that are fun yet simple to use.

The following is a summarization of the trends in new social media apps that all kinds of people, from the casual users to the business marketers, will expect to see on EyesUP this 2019.


If in the first place you are showing that you don’t care about how the users feel, you don’t have any right to request them to actually support your app and share it to other people within their circle.

One of the most important concerns is that social media should focus on improving people’s lives and being responsive to what they actually want and need. After all, these kinds of apps are focusing on establishing a genuinely happy relationship with other people.

It is a known fact that social media apps will become popular if users will feel that they are treated well while using their service. It is also helpful if the developers provide their contact details or create a dedicated team that will be willing to listen to every inquiries or concern and strive to use it in its ultimate goal of improving the app for the better.

Once you establish a personal connection and take time to actually know them, it will be easier to keep a track of interests and needs to find out what are the things you need to maintain so that they will continue using the app no matter what.

EyesUP is striving to get the suggestion of every user in order to find out what kind of features do they think will create an outstanding experience for them. Aside from that, the developers are doing their best to research what are the concerns regarding the use of social media and what solutions can they actually provide in order to make the overall usage a whole lot better.


People usually want to be part of a group where they feel welcome and accepted by others. In the period where it is now normal to have automated responses and the usage of technology in our everyday lives, they usually crave to have a chance for authentic conversations.

EyesUP makes it possible by allowing users an opportunity to talk with each other thru private one-on-one chats where it is possible to share media such as text and videos. If there are two or more users who all like a common topic, it is also possible to create group chats and even talk to each other via audio and video calls.


It is important to show something about people who had a meaningful story to tell while at the same time putting minimal emphasis on the brand itself. It allows people to relate with the intended message and at the same time inspire them to actually try and download the said social media app.

For EyesUP, they are currently looking for users who will endorse the app to others while at the same time tell their success story because of being unafraid to take risks and showcase their talents to the whole world. It is a great strategy that will hopefully inspire other people in various countries, especially the youth, to try the app themselves and have a chance to interact with them personally.


Various type of content that is posted on social media accounts which are proven to be created by the employees will be likely to receive more chances of engagement by fellow colleagues and customers. Aside from that, it boosts up their morale knowing that their talents are noticed thus they are more than willing to use their skills in order to promote the company very well and promote effectively the brand’s message.

Eyes UP makes it possible by allowing employees to have fun while at the same time allowing them to develop further their skills in writing or the arts and show it to everyone else in order to encourage them in creating an account and also display what they are actually good at through the pictures or videos that they post in their feeds.


Aside from posting information through colorful photos or enticing status messages, it is also crucial to have videos every now and then that displays what features are the company actually promoting and how can it be helpful in making everyday lives even better.

It is also more likely that it will be used to tell stories about different topics which, when executed well, is more likely to trend which helps in gaining a positive promotion for the brand especially if they are still brand new.

By having an idea about the latest trends and using it to create videos that will certainly make an impact to the viewers after the first few seconds, EyesUP aims to attract more potential users and show that they are ready to revolutionize the entire social media experience to people around the world.


There was a time when text messages were used to inform people about a new product or service. Over time, it catered to the younger generation by doing email blasts. But in this current period where it is normal to use the internet on a daily basis, one of the less expensive and most effective methods to reach out is by using personalized chatbots in order to reach out to more people who would likely become potential customers or users in the future.

Aside from allowing users to easily voice out their concerns or know about the latest features, chatbots are also essential in making an impact by using characters that are easily memorable and have traits that elicit positive memories. It also helps in understanding them even more and developing improved features that will certainly cater to their needs.

Aside from having social media accounts, most likely Facebook to communicate with users worldwide, EyesUP is also accessible thru its website ( which allows them to download the app thru their mobile devices, read informative blogs, be updated on new features, and look for help if something is wrong while using the app itself.


With a lot of social media apps being developed every month, the competition is now stiff in order to convince users that they are already currently one of the best on the internet. That’s why it is very crucial for companies to do their best in making sure that they will capture the potential audience and making sure that they will stay for a very long time.

Aside from faulty features, another important concern is the security of information being shared and sent to others especially if they are talking about something very private. It is, therefore, necessary to keep up with those issues and develop apps that will provide functionality and security while maintaining its pleasant appearance all at the same time. The most important aspect to be considered is to make sure that they will help in providing social connections in order to maintain contact with loved ones and develop genuine friendships with new people that come from different places.

EyesUP makes sure that they are currently in the latest trends all of the time and strives to create content in order to entice user engagement and make them know about the interests of each other. It also improves its features frequently as it takes into considerations what users really want and put it into the application. It also allows you to see various articles that will help you learn more about technology and at the same time be convinced that the app is certainly useful in maintaining online relationships and at the same time learn something more about the world which we live in.

In keeping up with these trends and striving to create amazing content that is interactive for all users and have a chance for them to actually talk about it, the future is looking very bright for EyesUP. As it aims to spread out to more places across the globe, it will certainly revolutionize how we think about social media and make it a meaningful experience for everyone.

Download EyesUP now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in order to discover its charm and why many users, including myself, love to use it in order to keep everyone updated about our daily activities.

Disadvantages of Using New Social Media Apps

It is proven that the invention of social media apps resulted in a lot of significant changes when it comes to interacting with people all over the world. Nevertheless, there are always negative consequences of using these as a form of communication.

Listed below are some of the disadvantages of using new social media apps.



Because of technological advancements nowadays, it is possible for anyone to be a “troll”, which is someone who creates a fake account or uses a secret messaging app in order to spread rumors, leaves mean comments or threaten other people without being traced thus remaining to be anonymous.


“Posers” are people who create similar profiles from someone’s social media accounts and pretend to be that same person. They can use it as an opportunity to either spread fake stories or send hurtful comments to make other users get mad at the person they are imitating and give them a very bad reputation.

Meanwhile, “hackers” are people knowledgeable in technology who can access your private files, take a peek at your conversations and use or share the acquired information for their personal gain or ruin your reputation with it. Hackers can also use personal data to harass others or even the government. They are also responsible for identity theft which can result in personal or financial losses.


Thru the use of social media apps, it is possible to convince other people in depositing money usually for “investment purposes” or to purchase “limited edition items” but in reality,  it will either be fake products or the whole scheme is a scam and they will disappear with your hard-earned cash.


It is not uncommon to hear successful stories of couples who met and became together after using social media apps. Nevertheless, some of them realized after spending time together in person that they are simply not meant for each other and split up.

Other people are using it as an opportunity to freely cheat on their partners by initiating online relationships with other people. Social media is sometimes used by these people as a tool to aid in their infidelity.


Social media apps are now likely used to spread fake information about historical figures, current events, or the condition of famous celebrities such as their health and some people will believe immediately especially if it comes from a seemingly “credible” source without actually checking how accurate it is.


Aside from the side effects as a result of being exposed to too much radiation, there are also other negative effects on one’s health and well-being. One of those is lacking exercise which causes an increase in weight. Instead of going somewhere, it is more likely to sit down and use social media to inform them.

Some users also suffer from conditions such as irritability, anxiety and depression because of how “lucky” other people are or those are the effects of cyberbullying and other online issues.


There are successful stunts performed which are shown on social media apps like jumping on fences or biking on stairs. This influences other people to do the same thing even if it will cause injuries or even result in serious consequences.


It is possible thru social media to curate your profile according to your preferences and show only posts or media that you want people to see. It is therefore usual for people to show only the “good side” and prevent others to know what is actually going on in their lives. It allows them to create a self-image and some even create “fake lives” by using content that is not even a part of their real-life experiences in order to stay away from who we really are.


Because of having social media apps, it is most likely for users to be attached to their gadgets and feel that nothing is going on to the people around them.

Whenever there are social gatherings, some are feeling offended because instead of having an actual conversation, there are people who spend time instead of talking to other users online.

It is also an issue for some students and employees for them to unable to complete assigned tasks because they spend time doing other priorities.

Despite all the negative results of using social media, in the end, it will up to you to protect sensitive information, be responsible in what you say or do online, and check information well before actually believing it or give something away immediately.