6 Types of Social Media Comments and How to Respond like a Pro

One of the best ways to improve engagement on your social media profile is through comments. It’s one of the main ways for your followers to express to delight or concern on your content. Whether you’re managing a business page or simply pushing yourself to become a known influencer, comments can make or break your online presence.

With that, it’s important to be prepared with any type of social media comment you could get of. Not everything is perfect all the time so do expect negative or questionable comments popping in your social network profile.

To help you come up with responses for the comments on your social media profile, here are the 6 types of comments on social networking platforms, as well as tips on how to respond the right way.

What you’ll learn in this article:

Types of Social Media Comments

  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative (Respond, Ignore, Remove)
  • Crisis

Tips When Responding to Social Media Comments

  • Set up Rules
  • Be consistent with your Brand
  • Set up Availability Hours
  • Use React Buttons, Gifs, Stickers
  • Spice it up with some humor
  • Use social media tools

Types of Social Media Comments

According to Jeff Bullas (jeffbullas.com), one of the most well-known marketing influencers and business bloggers, there are 6 critical types of comments that you should be wary of.

#1: Positive

As what the title says, it’s a positive comment. A statement that is favorable on your end.

Having these types of comments are the best. It motivates you to do more. Show your appreciation by thanking the person for liking your content.

#2: Neutral

A comment that is not positive nor negative. One sample for this are one-liners such as “Nice!” that seemed okay but is not saying anything in-depth.

With this type, it’s better to leave a react to show appreciation to the commenter. Remember, it may be neutral, but at least it’s helping you to widen your reach.

#3: Negative – Respond

These are negative comments with a valid reason behind it. It’s essential to reply to these types of comments since they are the ones who are actually concern with your content/product. You can also make these people loyal to your product or brand too. Just address the concerns and fix it swiftly, and you’ll be good to go.

#4: Negative – Ignore

These types of comments are simply time-wasters. These are negative comments that don’t make sense and sometimes are based on memes. Trolls (Someone who deliberately pisses people off online to get a reaction) are the ones usually leaving these types of comments. With this type, it’s better to leave them alone or hide their comments.

#5: Negative – Remove

When encountering a comment with offensive, lewd, and spam content, delete it immediately. You can also message the person who posted the comment and explain that doing it again will get him/her banned on your social network page/profile.

#6: Crisis

This type of comment could have legal consequences on the commenters en. If you encounter any comment that contains a threat of violence, sexual harassment, defamation, false accusation, and such, screenshot the comment, track the commenter (if possible) and send out the screenshot to the authorities.

And now that you’ve learned about the 6 types of social media comments. Here are some tips you should do when replying to comments.

Tips when Responding on Comments

#1: Set up Rules on your Social Media Page

Having house rules is important to establish boundaries. You can put it under the description page so that your followers are aware of what they can comment on and what they couldn’t comment on. Make sure that the rules are valid too!

#2: Be consistent with your brand

When replying to your audience, always consider your brand. Also, be wary of the information you give out on comments– they have to be consistent or else your online reputation might get ruined.

#3: Set up Availability Hours and Stick to it

If you’re working for a business, ensure to set up availability hours. You can’t just reply at 2 AM on some comments. But during your available hours, make sure you reply as quick as possible to the comments.

#4: Use React Buttons, Gifs, and Stickers

For neutral or positive comments, putting up a heart emoji or a finger heart gif could bring a smile to your follower’s face. This will also make your page more personal.

#5: Spice it up with some humor

As long as you’re keeping up with the brand, making witty responses is a plus.

#6: Use social media tools

There are different social media tools (Hootsuite, mention, talkwalker alerts) you can use to monitor comments, don’t waste time not utilizing any of those.

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Where can you use Group Messaging?
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As we all get busier, there’s a limited time to bond with family and friends. Using this will help you bond with them more.

Reuniting with old connections

Trying to reunite with old friends? Teammates from your internship years? Thanks to online messaging, it became easier for people to connect with anyone.

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Business Management

Social Network benefits a lot of businesses. Business owners can also work effectively using group chat. With this, the owner can contact his/her suppliers, distributors, resellers all at once.

As listed above, this only shows how important a group chat is. That’s why apps aren’t overlooking this feature. They’re also adding a lot of extra features to maximize its usage.

One of the apps that have this is EyesUP. If you’re already a user or someone planning to install this app, here’s is what you should do to start a group chat.

How to Start a Group Chat on EyesUP

1. On your smartphone, go to the EyesUP app.
2. Click the message icon below.

3. Once redirected to the messaging section, click the message icon on the upper-right corner.

4. Two options will pop out on the screen. Click the New Group Chat.

5. Edit the name of your chat group.

6. To add members, tap the circle icon on the left side of your friends’ profiles.

(Ensure that you’re friends with your chosen members first.)

7. Tap create on the upper-right corner of the screen.

And you’re done. Message away!

group chat on EyesUP

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Chat Group Tips and Etiquette

To ensure a better experience for you and the members of your chat group, here are some tips when you’re in a group chat.

Your messages should align with how you communicate with them in real-life.

Chats can be pretty casual. But if you’re chatting with your colleagues about a report, it’s better to message them in a formal manner.

It’s not for personal messages.

If you only have plans on talking to one person, direct message them.

Check the messages regularly.

You don’t have to check in every time there’s a new message. But don’t put people on read and actually have the decency to reply once you have a spare minute. This will also avoid any confusion on your part as you’re keeping up with the context.

Mute if you need to.

It can be bothersome at times, but instead of leaving instantly, you can mute it temporarily. Leaving with any notification is rude.

Don’t bomb them with Texts.

Don’t type like this.
Where you send one-liners.
For the same topic.
Or repeat the same phrases again.
Who wants to get annoyed like this right?
Imagine someone that has his/her notification sound on.
This can be annoying to the people in the chat.

Seriously stop– Instead of doing that, organize your thoughts first and send a brief message to the group.

Don’t open up too much.

You may have the closest friends, but whatever you say on the internet, stays on the internet. Especially with sensitive and personal information, keep it mum or direct message the one you trust.

Avoid typing in UPPER CASES.

It’s equal to shouting. Avoid annoying your chat group.

Don’t include unknown people on the Chat Group.

If you’re going to add someone, at least let the people on the group know, or are aware of who the person is.

Don’t send Chain Mails, Spam Links, and Game Invites.

Don’t bother someone’s time by sharing irrelevant messages.

Send Messages on a Reasonable Time.

With today’s social network, we can communicate in our preferred time. But for the love of your friends, don’t message a group at 2 AM in the morning, unless it’s an emergency.

Fact Check Anything that You Share on Chat Groups.

Before messaging on a chat group about “warnings”, check the authenticity of your sources. You don’t wanna be part of a massive online scare.

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Try out EyesUP’s Group Chatting Feature

EyesUP is a social network platform that aims to reinvent the way we do social media. This app is bringing back the basics, letting go of the excess features that the users won’t get any value of.

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