Facebook Messenger Alternatives to look out for

While Facebook is a leading social media app in terms of messaging, interacting, groups, and making events, we’re listing down alternatives for iPhone and android phones, devices would make up for the experience and cater specific needs mainly group, chats, video calls and conversations that focus on work, productivity and avoid any form of distraction. At the end of the day, it’s the amount of work delivered is much to be desired and what we need.

The list down below are suitable for iOS, android and PC that would make a ubiquitous, free flowing communication, anytime, everywhere. Tried, proven and tested:

Google Hangouts

Designed for group communications, optimized business needs. Hangouts delivers the Google experience that links your other apps, one of the perks of being a google user, and speaking of which, this app also integrates SMS and phone call messaging from your phone and call anyone, anywhere around the world without any hassle. Hangouts allows group chats up to 150 people that’s a massive count since  you get to distribute the productivity with a huge amount of people.

Like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts includes stickers and GIFs that makes an ice breaker for group chats and amp up work productivity, it can be quite exhausting when a conversation focuses on meetings right?

And compare to FB messenger, hangout features a conference call in high definition that as good as skype and with one click allows you to start a conversation.

Hangouts Meet

Another messaging app by Google hangouts meet is made for business and collaboration that connects with your team anytime, everywhere and it’s easy to join face to face calls that you won’t need to plan your travel, get a visa, itinerary and such. It democratizes work and makes productivity portable.

And for easier access, and for your contacts who doesn’t have an account makes it possible by sending them a link, with one click, they’re already included in the chat thanks to the app’s fast, lightweight interface and smart management that you won’t take time to look for the button to click.

Also, having a handful of meetings can be challenging to track each and every one of them, sometimes you mix up and then you’ll look at certain chat groups, the calendar features puts you directly to the chat and makes conversations and conference call to make your appointments and meanings easier, convenient for you.

Meet’s meetings on the go proves to come in handy and lets you easily track the meetings and conversations in calendar for continuum reasons and lets that enables you to keep tabs on every progress and make adjustments.

G Suite’s enterprise edition creates a dial-in phone number for every single meeting that makes every guest has a great experience – even on the road without wifi or data that creates an accessibility and mobility possible and you won’t miss a single meeting, the Enterprise feature offers various packages (prices may vary in each country) varying memory sizes, google drive features, etc. That being said, both Hangouts and Meet adds the Google user’s needs by not having to download other apps.


Slack offers a different kind of messaging channels experience that is direct, straightforward it even has a hashtag (#) chat room that easily tracks progress or any form of progress or other happenings that organizes conversations efficiently.

Designed for work, this app is basically like your visual co-working space and chat rooms that work like project areas that tracks progress efficiently. This messenger app’s feature makes it compatible and linked to Google apps that such as event reminders and also cover live chats. Aside from google, Slack also integrates from more than 1,500 words that makes work meaningful and hassle-free that you won’t need to open other apps. Oh and the app is available on all devices so that makes seals the definitive digital working space experience.

And as far as security concerns, Slack creates a built in link for co-working spaces that allows you to share it with peers of your own choosing, the messaging app has two-factor authentication that protects users.

EyesUp messenger is a straightforward experience that makes conversations feel natural and intimate, sure those stickers other glamorous emoji may not be present but when you’re in a conversation, words mean something, and quoting Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “words matter”, a word or two sounds genuine and you can make someone make their day shine.

Best Private Messaging Apps for Android and iPhone Users

Private conversations doesn’t always guarantee 100% privacy, be it android or iPhone and that’s what secure private messaging apps are for, private messenger that would assure secure and there are a handful apps that can come in handy that specializes private, secure and secret equipped with encrypted features.

Telegram Messenger (Android and iOS)

This app is available on both iOS and Google Play, it’s simplistic yet its elaborate features doesn’t come off as complicated and rather user-friendly. The themes has a custom designs to choose from and they’re aesthetically pleasing. Oh and there’s also a dark mode available for customizing chat colors.

Secret chats use a client-client encryption that makes only the user has the sole access of these messages and not even app technicians can read it and the user has also an option to delete the message on the other side will be requested to delete it as well.

There’s also a self-destruct option for secret chats where you can set the timer, the time starts ticking and when it is up, both of these messages will disappear from your devices. Though unfortunately, there’s no secure option that prevents you your friend from screen grabbing the conversation nor it would be traced.

Telegram is also on PC that makes a chat continuum experience smooth and linked on your phone, you can send some files and photos without moving them on your phone and just send them directly.

CoverMe (iOS)

iMessage’s encrypted feature secures your messages using a passcode and gives the users the sole access. Cover Me on the other hand is one stop for private, and secure text & call – it doesn’t track any record on your phone bill so it stays between you and your receiver and it won’t be traced by your service provider. The app also allows to hide your personal number. Private messaging features disappears like on telegram, share lock-to-lock allows makes end-to-end encrypted messaging. Perfect for iOS users who are keen on secure and discreet messaging. This app functions like a burner phone  that you won’t be needing to buy another one. The no notification feature makes it even secure that one one would notice you’re using the app.

Viber (Android and iOS)

Widely used by Telegram (and free). The app can’t read or trace down your messages and gives you the control to delete an amount of your own choosing. They also have a secret chats that have a self-destruct feature like Telegram which also works for buying transactions that prevent from getting the data away from any potential hackers. The hidden chats feature can be accessed using your own pin you set and it also hide sensitive list with your hidden chats.

WickrMe (Android and iOS)

Wicker me has a top-tier end-to-end encryption, you can send files, voice messages and photos privately and what’s make the app work is it doesn’t require a phone number which is a plus.  Lastly, the shredder feature doesn’t only remove chats, it also includes shared media contents from the device.


In the end, it is up to the user to make private messaging set up work, the app and features are at its disposal to use them responsibly.