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EyesUP is a new social media platform that aims to bring more content creators into the spotlight. We are currently offering free advertising for brands and influencers with awesome content looking to grow their audience. Our platform can help you reach your target market within our growing online community and boost your reach. Join us today and be part of our partnership program!

How it works:

Increase your online presence and visibility by tapping into the EyesUP community. Through joining our partnership program and creating your own EyesUP account, you can build an audience by posting quality content that the community will enjoy. Feel free to promote within our platform any product or service you are offering, and make sure to keep your account active with at least 2-3 posts per week.

EyesUP will include your brand’s profile on the list of auto-followed users whenever someone new installs the app. Depending on your brand, this process will take into consideration your target market. For example, restaurants looking for potential customers will be auto-followed by new users living nearby. Businesses or services such as clothing shops that cater to an international clientele will be auto-followed by all new users from around the world. This guarantees that your EyesUP account will easily gain the viewership it deserves and offering you a fresh new way of building your own network within the platform.

Your brand’s official account will also receive a verified badge so that your followers will know that it’s really you! And the best part? It’s all for free!

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