10 Preparations You Should Make Before Using a Secure Messaging App

Secure messaging apps may come as daunting, counting the jargon, terms like encryption yet in the long run, you’ll get the hang of it. It takes process and a lot of time to understand. Before we go to these 10 preparations, you yourself comes first. You have to learn and take baby steps to understand because of their complex process but in the long, you’ll get the hang of it and it will be worth it.

Here’s a rundown of 10 preparations you should make before using a secure messaging app:

1. Choosing The Right Phone

Stuff like biometrics and passcode come as first line of defense on your phone. In an occasion your phone gets stolen, chances are the thief would’ve likely get a hand of your data. By putting a secure passcode and finger biometric scan guards your personal data.

Some handsets like Google Pixel 3 has a Titan M chip that protects your data from Google Play transactions and verifies lock screen on your password.

Blackberry comes to second, preferably a phone for working people with its secure feature. Its recent phones like DTEK2 has an integrity protection that alerts users of malicious apps that perform suspicious behavior.

2. Know the its secure features

Not that you’ve picked the phone that works for you, getting across its basic secure features and familiarizing it would protect your communication and other app usage in no time. It’s important to practice these measures as I have said before, these built in secure features come as first line of defense.

3. Built-in Encryption

If your phone happens to have one then congratulations! A built in encryption minimizes human errors. In android phones, encrypting takes one hour in an average. Once your phone finishes the process and is encrypted, all your data are locked and integrated in a pin/passcode that makes only accessible by the user.

4. Popularity and reviews

Now moving to secure messaging apps, there are a lot of promising messaging apps out there but you have to check the reviews to know if they’re efficient or not. Reviews help, give an initial impression of the app’s efficiency otherwise it won’t succeed.

5. Apps that Feature End-To-End Encryption

To put end-to-end encryption in layman’s terms, your text messages, call logs and chat history stays with you and your recipient so that means it’s safe from third-party hosts and hackers from ever getting your personal, precious data.

6. Secret Chats

If you’re on a workplace that deals with classified, confidential documents then this is a feature that ought to check out. Secret chats guard and protect messages from ever getting forwarded and moved that makes it stay within your device. Apps like Telegram and Viber provide these features.

7. Delete Everywhere Feature

Telegram’s newest feature is a godsend to all its users who feel like their conversations doesn’t spark joy, or simply a clutter. This konmari-esque delete option removes all chat history, call logs permanently that ends all trace possible.

8. Self-Destruct Feature

Mentioning Telegram and Viber once more, this feature allows users to send a scheduled chat that the recipient may optimize at a certain time, one the time limit passes by, the chat log removes permanently from both ends, and you can say that what happens, stays there.

9. Anti-Virus Apps

To me, having an anti-virus app on your phone enhance secure messaging experience, it compliments well with encrypted feature since pop op tabs in your web browser isn’t exactly safe, and the moment the pop out appears shows chances are that third-party hosts have likely got information on your phone.

Anti-virus apps provide protection that filter potential threats and remove any other prying eyes.

Having anti-virus app is like protecting your own PC since smartphones almost functions like one especially checking emails, some take it far.

Having an anti-virus app ensures a protective web browsing and internet usage and adds layers of protection

10. Make a checklist

At first it maybe tedious but having a checklist of security protocols allow one to practice secure messaging experience. I would suggest noting down procedures from starting to encrypt your phone, create passwords and pass codes, read sites that has secure messaging apps that are proven, tried and tested.

List of Best Ways to Share Videos in Bangladesh

There are websites and apps available in Bangladesh that let you share videos with anyone for private or public use which can be done online or offline.

The following is a compilation on what are the best ways available in sharing videos.

Best Ways to Share Videos in Bangladesh


Using 7-Zip solves the problem of sending large files because it has a file compression software to convert files into the regular ZIP format which comes in handy if there are multiple files and it needs to be place in one folder. When using this website, remember that a large file will transfer faster than a folder containing smaller files of the same size. It is available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also allows users to set a password in order to protect the files and share it safely.


Vimeo is another great video sharing site with good privacy features. It has options to select the videos you share as either public or private thus only users or those who knows the password can open it.


WeTransfer is a website that offers one of the simplest services to use for sharing large files. After creating a free account, users can transfer up to 2GB of files. A few clicks of the mouse and the website will automatically send files for users which will be available to download for seven days. Everything is very user-friendly because it has the help of a step-by-step wizard to assist through the upload process.


One of the easiest ways to share videos and other type of medias with friends and family is by uploading it to on a  Facebook account. Once the appropriate privacy settings of the video are already in place, it uploads and is still visible on the wall normally just like when you post comments or upload photos. However, the video isn’t published to the entire world because it’s only available to the specific people you’ve added.

Resilio Sync

Formerly BitTorrent Sync, Resilio Sync uses the BitTorrent protocol which is specifically for sharing big files. It can sync files directly between users’ devices. This peer-to-peer connection can be used for two or more devices, such as a Android or iOS phone and a desktop PC or Mac. It also supports generating secure links to allow contacts of users to download files from folder which means that the device has to be online in order for them to access it. The software itself is free of charge and there are no limits on how much data you can transfer or store.


Formerly known as YouSendIt, Hightail has been made with business users in mind. Upon registration you can create special ‘spaces’ for various files and projects, which you can then share with others. The handy ‘PipPoints’ feature can even be used to record notes on documents as you and others work on them. The free Lite version of this website only allows sharing of files up to 100MB in size

USBs or Hard Drive

The fastest way to transfer a large number of big files on the PC or MAC computer is not via the internet but by using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or hard drive. Make sure that the storage is enough to save a lot of copies of huge video files. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the shared media and encrypt it afterwards.

Google Drive

Gmail messages can only have attachments up to 25MB in size so when files are too large, you are given the option to place them in your Google Drive and send a link to share. Users can share files and folders up to 10GB in size which can be used to repeatedly share large files entirely free of charge. It also gives users the option to choose whether to create a link that can be shared with anyone or only allow limited people to open the file.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is still one of the most reliable ways to share and download media such as videos.  It needs to have access to a remote server and offers free storage space (which is usually 1GB). It is supported by all operating systems and there are plenty of websites and add-ons which support uploading and downloading from within your browser or using the free desktop FTP clients.