EyesUP: The Newest Social Media App 2018

Do you sometimes feel that social media platforms give you more stress instead of being an avenue to express yourself and just connect with your loved ones? Do you think these applications lost their purpose already? If you answered yes, you need a new,  simple, practical, yet full of fun social media app. What you need is EyesUP.

set of eyesup screenshots

The good news is, EyesUP is now accessible to both Android and iPhone users. This app offers you a unique social media experience by going back to basics and maintaining only the most relevant features to ensure that everyone can enjoy a simple yet holistic social media environment.    

How EyesUP started

Because of users’ growing concerns with other apps’ complex and confusing features, EyesUP saw the need to simplify social applications for your convenience. Putting itself into the users’ shoe, EyesUP knows how frustrating it is to not get the online environment that you deserve.

That is why EyesUP reinvents social media and messaging and is now allowing users to connect in any medium you want instant messaging, voice call, video call in just one app.

What sets it apart from other social media apps?

With EyesUP, you have the voice to demand the feature that you want. All you need to do is share your ideas  and take a vote on the features recommended by users. EyesUP will  develop those features that gained the highest votes.  

One of the app’s current features is Board, which keeps you updated with your family and friends’ posts. The app also dares you to be creative and express yourselves freely through photos and videos. The Discover feature will let you see what’s fresh, popular, and trending. Browsing the posts is made easier as you can just sort your search per country. If you want to see what’s happening globally, you can just easily switch to Global. Its group chat feature allows you to collaborate with up to 50 members. These features will soon be modified depending on your preferences.   

What’s in it for users?

EyesUP saves you time, effort, and stress as you can chat, call, send photos and videos in just one app.  Also, there’s no more reason for you to deal with unnecessary features , and you can use EyesUP for free.  In this app, you are definitely the star!

Who created EyesUP?

EyesUP was developed by MicroSLT, a recognized corporation that commits to revolutionizing information technology and social media through developing the most relevant and efficient social applications.   

How to create your EyesUP account

Creating your social media profile is fast and simple. Just enter your mobile number, type the verification code sent through SMS, and pick your username and password. From there, you can already start inviting friends from your contact list. To expand your connections, you can follow interesting people, and once they follow you back, you’re automatically friends with them!    

EyesUP may be simple for now but it’s definitely not your ordinary app because it gives you the power and influence to develop an app. So, what are you waiting for? Exercise that power and download the newest social media app now!