How To Get People To Like Your Social Media Profiles

All we need is more likes and emoticons

Inviting and sharing your social media profiles to your friends doesn’t magically make them like you, and if they do it’s only short-lived at most, maybe 6 months or so. What makes established social media pages live in the long time and thrive is simply because they engage with their audience, it’s like getting to know  and building a relationship with your potential followers, give them reasons to like your page and that being said, there are things YOU can do to make people be engaged on your social media profiles.

  1. Interact With Your Followers

It may be tedious at first but it works because your follower knows that you, the page has a presence and that in turn would encourage your followers to constantly look at your posts which is why you have to continue creating new material but, always interact.

The downside with interacting is replying in an automated way that may sound insincere, so try to interact with your users the same way with your friends and family.

  1. Be Personal

Social media is an open book, almost everyone knows what’s going on especially those who frequently post their activity every now and then – hashtags, selfies but you wouldn’t want that, on maintaining a social media page, you need to have a voice or a tone but it wouldn’t work without any branding.

Taking on a personal approach allow you to connect with your desired followers, in this way it makes them know you more and chances of your followers being engaged on your content, everyone loves a background story.

  1. Cross promote your content with other accounts

The truth about social media pages are its users have at least 2 or more accounts they handle, specifically for work, but mostly some social media apps are convenient in terms of speed and seamless navigation, that and you also have to consider which of your demographic can be able to reach your social media content.

Linking and cross-sharing your post allow your followers to connect and find new ones and at the same time, you get to know your audience to improve your content. It’s always about changing and giving them a reason to look at your social media accounts.

  1. Know Your Demographic

Are they men, women, late to middle age, hipsters, millennials, gen Z or baby boomers, yes the latter can be a challenge but if you have a clear idea of your demographic, you’ll get a lot of ideas what to post, what kind of material you will be putting? It all goes down to the tastes of your potential followers.

Say, if you’re running a channel or page for makeup or skin care beauty products, there are a lot of Korean products out there that mostly click on the younger generation, say around late teens to twenties, those who like K-Pop and imitate their idols, they want to know their skincare routine.

  1. Step into your followers’ shoes

If looking on your followers’ POV, what do I want to see on this page? Am I hoping for a quick guide, look for like-minded individuals and connect? While hypothetical, it gives you an idea of how to test run content and audience reach and from there, you can look for adjustments.

Mico Orda