Messaging Apps in the Philippines to Download for Beginners

two women standing while downloading app on phone

Having access to rapidly evolving technology and connecting with people has never been this convenient. The digital age has made waves here in the Philippines, that we consume messaging apps and social media like water. So here’s a rundown of messaging apps for beginners

Google Messages

The SMS messaging app answer to iMessage. Why get download Google message? For stock Android users, it reduces the lag risk, and second, if your phone’s messaging app doesn’t work for you, the Messages app by Google is definitely for you: it’s easy to use, search tab option makes it easier to track conversation history in a hunch.

Also, the clean and comfortable design makes it easier to browse through messages. Recent updates have included photo, video, and location sharing features that allow you to share moments. Messages can be also viewed and sync in PC in case you need back up. There’s also Dark Mode for low light use and comfortability.

Though messages is still a work in progress, it’s proven its worth of an essential SMS that makes it accessible for android users whether mid-range or flagship phones without any hassle.

woman in cafe texting on phone

Near Group Messenger

Boasting 12 million plus users, you can log in via your facebook or google accounts in mobile and PC, with a quick log-in, it’s a group messaging app that allows you to make new friends, meet people and talk whatever is in your mind.

All -In-One Messenger

If there’s a sad truth about messaging is that there is always this one guy that uses another app like in Facebook Messenger – almost everyone are likely active there, or if you’re a professional who prefers using Skype (assuming) or people who are glued to their phones use Viber and WhatsApp.

Here’s the catch: You can use them all in one app! Google Chrome’s extension tab, All-In-One Messenger makes it possible for you to interact with everyone in one screen and use each of them whenever, wherever and suits for keeping tabs at your daily activities with convenience at the same time.

Having an extension in Chrome not only makes it convenient but also makes productivity smoother thanks to Google’s ecosystem, it also lessens the time on having to check every app one by one and with one click.

You can download the app in the Chrome Web Store.

Final Thoughts

What makes a messaging app these days work is its simplicity and accessible in terms of signal spaces that have to be compatible and easy to use in communicating, it has to be on the go.

The tight competition has created demands and pushed developers to deliver the best messaging apps to its users that make moments possible.

Mico Orda