Most Secure Messaging Apps for iOS and Android

secure messaging apps like EyesUP

With the different issues arising from communication apps, people are looking for the most secure messaging app.

Of course, there’s no such thing as the most secure messaging app. But there are messaging apps available in the market that could fit with your privacy needs.

And today, we’re going to talk about the different messaging apps that have guaranteed protection from any privacy issues.

Also, aside from the encrypted messengers, we’re going to talk about an all in one messenger that everyone is raving about, so stay tuned for that. 

Now let’s analyze the current state of secure chat and the mobile messenger.

These days, there are 9 in every ten people who are tech literate that makes chances of getting access to your phone. The things that make a messaging app secure: encrypted features, encrypted messaging, tight log-in credentials are what make an app secure as assuring that experience.

Secure Messengers: Which among these is the most secure messaging app?

Some apps that I will be mentioning have specific charges that depend on that plan however, this is not to discourage the users from using these apps but if one wants to pay for premium consider it as an investment, it’s also advisable for working people who are cautious on confidentiality given leaks are inevitable, and here is a list of secured, encrypted messaging apps for iPhone, android for all messaging needs.

1. EyesUP (iOS and Android)

Starting the list is EyesUP, which is now considered an all in one messenger app.  To be real though, it’s not totally a messaging app. It’s more of a social network app that is bringing back the social media basics.

What considered this as most secure messaging app is from the reviews. Reviews from this app are filled with people liking the quality of messaging, secure chat, video calling and voice calling features.


2. Pryvate Now (iOS and Android)

Built for professional and business users, the military-grade encryption feature makes this app is tailor-made suitable for companies that want secure, and discreet communications. Pryvate Now’s military-grade encryption features a secure chat and call quality that is not government traceable and doesn’t have “back doors” included.

Though premium features offer private voice and video calls, secured conference calls, file storage and anti-blocking measures that you can use the app globally and makes you comfortable from communicating anytime, anywhere you want. That’s a price that guarantees quality, secure messaging.

3. Silence (iOS and Android)

Also known as SMS secure, Silence uses Axolotl encryption program that protects everything from the app. And Silence is it is accessible to other people who doesn’t have the app that won’t require them to download the app though the downside is that you’ll need an internet connection for text messages as well. However, in case you lose your messages, Silence makes it possible to recover those important messages from your phone.

4. Threema (iOS and Android)

Privacy comes first is what makes this app stand out. Threema doesn’t require its users to put their email address or phone number in making your own account. Data is protected from other users to ever getting access, its end-to-end encryption protects text messages, group chats and files.

And at some point, we tend to make mistakes and it’s frustrating that it’s hard to delete, luckily for Threema made it possible to delete messages from the servers as soon as possible that prevents the hackers from getting the data out of their reach. Your data on threema stays within your device and doesn’t reach out to server that puts secure, anonymous messaging work like a breeze.

5. Dust (iOS and Android)

“A safer place to text”, the app isn’t gaining the popularity yet but the app delivers a safe, promising secure features including encrypted message that build layers of security bars. And the good thing about deleting messages that it’s gone forever like literally snapped decimated a la Thanos snap. Jokes aside, deleted messages are permanently gone but what about screenshots? Here’s the catch: it notifies the app if someone in the end of that line takes a screenshot taken.

That being said, a feature that is secure and direct features assure that you can definitely have a secure messaging experience.

6. Wickr

“We need to see innovation among technology teams and a move to build “private by design” spaces, offering an alternative to tech that’s engineered to collect and monetize user data and attention.” – Joel Wallenstrom CEO

Those words coming from the CEO shows promising data protection and emphasizes privacy as their utmost priority. Like Dust, Wicker Me has a specialized “shredder” feature that basically deletes all chat history like conversations, video calls and shared media however, once you choose that option, you cannot retrieve those files, and as Marie Kondo asks home owners: “does this spark joy?” that makes Wickr a KonMari messaging app in a way.

Wickr has end-to-end encryption for voice memos and securesteam collaboration contacts with ease that makes safer and secure for friends and colleagues that even makes messaging matter and most of all, secure.

To experience, a secure business model of the app, Wickr offers Wickr Ent that delivers enterprise policy and compliance that optimizes client needs ranging from D2D encryption and lets the client in control of network dashboards such as voice, video transfer up to 5gb and should troubleshoot issues come along the way, there’s a 24/7 customer service ready to assist you.

Other membership packages include WickrMe and Wickr Pro. Pro offers a secure, collaborative space that prevents any leak as well as message expiration settings and easy cross-collaborate for Wickr users.

Wickr Me is more personal use, a good alternative for social media posts that actually protect the details since sometimes, party crashers are inevitable and prying people tend to spoil the party or a wedding, granted it may not have your typical wedding social media app features but if you want something simplified, WickrMe takes away the hassle.

7. Silent Phone(iOS and Android)

Like the app’s namesake, Silent Phone provides secure chat, as well as private voice and video calls. The USP feature of this app schedules when to be sent and deleted that makes a coordinated messaging possible that gives you a peace of mind.

Silent phone provides peer-to-peer encrypted calling and messaging as well as file transfers comes with simple zero deployment cross-security for Android and Apple users that makes it more flexible. The call quality’s high definition features ensures a clear call, file transfer also allows mp4, docx, jpeg, png file videos that works well with creatives that are on the go.

8. ChatSecure (iOS)

For iPhone users, ChatSecure offers sophisticated features such ass compatibility to google accounts since everyone is on google. ChatSecure has a secure end-to-end encryption and forwarded security. SLQ Cipher locally encrypted messenger logs.

Having said that, each feature has its ow specific encryption that allows its own barred, specialized secure functions that makes a complex, elaborate messaging difficult for leakers and hackers, the app has OMEMO encryption and OTR encryption over XMPP that reinforces layered protection.

Mico Orda