Five Main Reasons Why People Look for Instagram Alternatives

Most people nowadays use the data or internet for more chikahan moments. Aside from using it to communicate with other people and be updated on latest events, it is a also perfect tool to develop your photography skills. And since most smart phones have better camera specifications, you can’t help but take a lot of pictures every now and then.

Instagram is one app which is preferred by a lot of people to upload their photos because of its simple interface and the fact that it is free to download. It also has options to select filters and some basic editing tools like crop so that it will look better in your feed.

Nevertheless, here are Five of the Main Reasons why people look for Instagram alternatives that offer the same type of interface or has better functions:


After scrolling for a while in Instagram, you are tired seeing profile feeds from people who often post over the top food pics, OOTDs, selfies and other staged poses. Therefore, it is more likely to try a different app which allows you to share photos while at the same time avoid toxicity from other people.

Has Only One Format

Instagram is known for using square types only when uploading pictures. Most of the time, it results for you to sacrifice how the picture actually looks like or unfortunately crop some people in order for it to fit the format. Other times, people have a hard time fixing this feed because it constantly moves in one order an it need new uploads in order to go back to normal.

Be Part of a Community

Instagram is known to base a person’s popularity with the number of photo’s likes and commenting about it. You can also meet other photographers who are considered as ‘ professional” or “freelancers”and share your photo. You can also exchange stories about travels and meet up in person.

Look for Inspiration

Most pictures uploaded in other apps are also considered as Public Property. Therefore, as example, it will not be difficult to search for the next Junior and Senior Prom (JS Prom) ideas. You don’t have to worry much about sudden likes becaise you are blessed? .

Mere Curiousity

There are times that you are scrolling for new apps in Google Play Store or App Store and you are interested to download it because it offers something new but still works like Instagram or even has better functions.

One app which can help in becoming the photo sharing more famous is EyesUP. It gives users an oportunity to react about what you’re doing. I can also turn off the aircon and lowkey display some powers so that I can constantly check how okay my life is right now. Best of all, he is teilng me, how she finally get topsend her time wasting allowining me to download using Google or Apple Store*

7 Ways Apps are Changing the World Around You

Things have changed quite a bit since the 1990s when cell phones were the size of a brick and had a limited calling range. (Not to mention a hefty monthly bill!) These days, everyone has a smartphone, which is essentially a small computer, tucked into their pocket or handbag.
With those smartphones are plenty of apps, all of which are slowly changing the world around you. Some of these apps provide information when you need it, while others help you connect with other people. No matter what, these apps are making a big difference in your life.

1. EyesUp Helps You Connect with People

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if you had an app that not only has a messaging feature, but also allows you to post updates, chat with groups, and more? You no longer have to wonder about these things, because EyesUp is here.

This revolutionary app helps you not only create a social network but also reach out to them in many different ways. For example, you can call your contacts and chat with them via video messaging. You can also send them short videos that you’ve already recorded.

In addition, you can search for future new friends by looking through their hashtags, and even create a stream of posts of your own that people can search.

people jogging on bridge

2. Raise Money While Exercising

Another way in which apps change the world is by helping you become a part of that change. For example, there’s an app called Charity Miles. For every mile that you log in the app (either by running or walking), you’re raising money for the charity of your choice – one that’s partnered with the app, of course.

3. Learn More about the Town You Live In

In the past, if people wanted to get from point A to point B, they used a traditional map. Now, thanks to Google Maps (and Google Earth, the larger version of this technology), they can not only find out how to get from one part of town to another but examine all of the businesses and other things in between.

Businesses are marked on the map and many have links to their websites, making it easy to check out where they’re located and what they have to offer. You can learn a lot more about where you live without having to even leave your house.

4. Calling a Taxi Is Easier Than Ever Before

A world without drunk drivers is a very good one indeed. In the past, you had to call a traditional cab, which, if you live in an area that isn’t highly populated, was a pretty tricky endeavor.

Now, thanks to smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft, there are thousands of potential taxis on the road – and all that you need to get one is use the accompanying app. This makes the world safer a little at a time.

5. You Can Learn on the Go

Education is one way to change the world. The more people know about everything around them, the better off we will all be. Education apps, like Rype, which teaches you Spanish on your smartphone, and even Codeacademy, where you can learn computer coding languages, are just two examples of this.

Thanks for these apps, you can learn a new skill or even connect with your new neighbors without having to leave your house or put down your smartphone. They really are changing the world.

person reading ebook on phone

6. Reading Apps Put a Book in Your Hand

Although the proliferation of reading apps is bad for local libraries (who have found ways to adapt, thankfully), they are good for people who love to read or enjoy an audiobook or two. These apps make it very easy to read wherever you are.

There are several different types of reading apps, including those that offer a subscription plan that allows for unlimited downloads, as well as others that make you buy the books. Plus, those libraries that we mentioned? Many of them have eBook loans that work just like standard library books, only on your phone.

7. Fitness Apps Track Your Health

Thanks to wearable fitness technology, such as FitBits, Apple Watches, and more, people are now more health conscious than ever before. The apps that go along with this technology, from those designed by the companies that created the wearables, as well as those that just track things like your sleep cycles, how many steps you walk, and more, are definitely changing the world around you, by making people much healthier than they previously were.

On top of this, you can “befriend” people in some of these apps, giving you a social network of sorts, filled with people who want to get into better shape as well.