Should You Make Your Relationship Official on Social Media?

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Let’s say you’re in this situation: You’ve been official with this person for months now. Your relationship life is blossoming, since you’ve spent time with your SO regularly through dates and social media.

Those special people in your life also know this person: family and friends know that you’re in a relationship with this person. The same goes for your SO as you’re already close to his/her family. Everyone’s rooting for the both of you, hoping that you’ll have a long-lasting connection.

Everything seems okay, but something has been bothering you for quite a time now. You look over at your profile and still, your account has a single status on it. You look over at your partner’s account and it also says single.

There’s a slight panic that went in your head. Should you change your relationship status now? How about your partner? Should you ask him/her to change your relationship status on his/her account?

You’re also wondering how to make your relationship social media official–how would you announce it to your acquaintances, should you tell a story or just a simple announcement. You’re also thinking about how your other friends and acquaintances will react to this.

Here’s the thing: Announcing your relationship on social media can either be a good or a bad thing. But before we delve in the good and the bad sides, here how you make your relationship official on social platforms.

How Do You Make Your Relationship Official on Social Media

Nowadays, it’s not just about changing your relationship status. It also involves a lot of interaction with your partner. It’s no longer enough to let everyone know you’re dating someone, you’re also somewhat obliged to share your experiences together. If you’re both quiet, people might think you’ve broken up.

Now, how do you make it official? Here is the stuff couples mostly do when they’re in a relationship:

  • Changing your relationship status.
  • Posting couple photos.
  • Having a couple photo as your profile picture.
  • Sharing Memories on Social Media.
  • Sharing and commenting on his/her Photos.
  • Putting each other’s names on bio.
  • Tagging each other on posts.
  • Posting every monthsary/anniversary.
  • Being more interactive with your partner beyond the messenger.

Okay, some of the things mentioned above can be a bit overboard (and something that a teenager will do) but still, those are things couples usually do to show how much they love each other.

Why You SHOULD Make your Relationship Official on Social Media

#1: Healthy Step When Leveling Up your Relationship

When you’re already in a serious and committed relationship, this is considered an essential step. People in healthy relationships don’t hide their relationship. They make it known, not to brag about it, but because it’s the right thing to do.

#2: To Let Your Loved Ones Know

Even though your closest family and friends already know your status, it’s nice to update your friends and family about this new relationship. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your happiness.

#3: Being Proud of your Relationship

Most women want this feeling. That feeling of being shown. There’s nothing sweeter than a person proud of his/her partner and showing it to his/her world.

#4: There Won’t Be People Chatting with You or Your SO

Your social media accounts will be temptation-free since it’s clear that you’re both taken. You won’t worry as much as compared when he puts ‘single’ on his/her relationship status.

#5: Sharing Memories

Again, sharing happy memories isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t overdo it, and you’ll be fine.

Why you SHOULDN’T Make your Relationship Official on Social Media

#1: You’re Both Private People

If you and your partner don’t mind putting your relationship status on social media, then maybe leaving it blank is better than putting up with all the drama of announcing your love life.

#2: You’re Still Friends with Your Exes

If for some reason you’re still friends with your ex, maybe it’s best to hold it off for a while or simply unfriend your previous partner. Also, delete your exes on your friends’ list. This will most likely bring trouble to your current relationship.

#3: You’ll Get Pressured

Once you’ve announced your relationship, people would most likely expect that you’ll be active with posting couple-related stuff. There’s also this pressure to become the “ideal” couple: Going on a lot of vacations, Sweet Posts, Gifts, etc.

You also can’t help but compare your relationship to other couples, especially if they have a lot of stuff going on with their dating life.

#4: People will ask about Marriage All The Time

Your friends and family could be simply teasing you, but expect people to annoy you with questions about marriage, specifically, “When’s the wedding?”

When is the Right Time to Make it Official?

No one will be able to dictate you and your partner. Making a relationship official will always be a huge step and you both have to be ready when doing this.

The key to this is to communicate with your partner and let him/her know your thoughts on making it official online. Once you have an agreement then go ahead, share your love and happiness to the online sphere.

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