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EyesUP is a brand new platform designed to help people all over the world connect with each other, one local community at a time. As we grow our user base, we need all the help we can get to put the word out there! We’re looking for aspiring influencers who can deliver quality content to help promote our new social media app. Our platform can help smaller creators find and build their audience through our Influencer Program.

How it works:

After you sign up for the program and create an EyesUP account, you’ll be put under a short probationary period of two weeks so we can check how well your content is performing within EyesUP. During this period, your account will receive the following perks:
– Faster follower gain
– Verification badge
– Increased visibility on the discover tab

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The probationary period will serve as a test run to gauge how effective your content is in generating engagement and how our community reacts to it. Once found favorable, qualified applicants will be fully accepted into the program and will become our brand ambassadors. Your posts and followers will remain boosted: as our community grows, you grow along with us.

Should you not qualify, don’t worry! You’ll still get to keep the followers and posts boost for another two weeks—giving you enough time to establish your presence within the platform.

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