50 Millennial Slang Words You’ve Been Seeing on your Messenger

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Modern times brought us modern words too, and it’s prevalent in messenger too. Back in the texting era, people are using abbreviations to shorten to words. They do this so they can save up some load since texting is expensive before.

But now that means of communication is getting cheaper, there are lesser abbreviations now. Millennials are more inclined to expressions. These slang words usually come from movies, TV series, or simply a joke/meme.

Now, before you get all confused by seeing the word “ Rad” on your messenger, we have a guide for you containing the top 50 most popular slang words. You can now keep up with the modern terms since we’ll be giving you the meanings and sample sentences for more context.

Top 50 Millenial Slang Words to Use on Messenger


Abbreviation: You Only Live Once. It means living life to the fullest.
Ex. “You have to try the bungee jumping, come on just go YOLO.

2. Swag

Being cool.
Ex. “I just like him so much… The way he dresses like wow– so much swag…”

3. Shipping

When you want to pair someone romantically. Usually used for fictional characters.
Ex. “I don’t care about other Stranger Things fans… Elle and Will look good together! I’ll just keep shipping them.”

4. Lit

The event, person, clothing and other stuff that’s fun.
Ex. “Oh my God! This party is super lit!”

5. Bae

Abbreviation. Term of endearment that means Before Anyone Else.
Ex. “I’m sorry I can’t make it to the party. My bae is sick…”

6. VSCO Girl

Type of Girl who is environment-friendly loves to drink from the hydro flask, and is addicted to scrunchies.
Ex. “Are you sure you want to date that VSCO chick?”

7. Rad

A word to describe something weird but cool.
Ex. “The wax art figure seems is so rad, I swear I love the skeletal decor!”

8. Chill

To take it easy.
Ex. “ I know you’re still frustrated with your breakup but don’t put it against us. Just chill, okay?

9. Dope

Another term for cool.
Ex. “Thanks for gifting me these shoes Jess, they’re so dope!”

10. Savage

Being sassy.
Ex. “I can’t believe she just told Dana to leave! That’s so savage!”

11. On Fleek

When your makeup, particularly your eyebrows, are on-point.
Ex. “I do love that honey look on you. You’re on fleek today!

12. GOAT

Abbreviation. The Greatest of all Time.
Ex. “You can never beat me, I’m the GOAT!

13. Shade

A sassy remark, usually something you answer back to an insult.
Ex. “She told Janna how ugly she is like the shade is real!”

14. Sipping Tea

Receiving some gossip.
Ex. “Finally, Janna told the story why Steph hates her so much. Buckle up and let’s sip some tea…


15. Basic

Someone only interested in mainstream stuff.
Ex. “Of course she’s gonna jump on the T. Swift trend… She’s so basic, you know?”

16. Slay

Impressing everyone.
Ex. “He slayed the dance floor. Like literally we were floored!”

17. Turnt

Getting super excited
Ex. “So I got an invite from the messenger. My crush is inviting me on his birthday bash like I’m so turnt right now!”

18. Yaas

Just a much-excited version of ‘yes.’
Ex. “Yaaaaas for the next season of Rupaul’s Drag race!”

19. Snatched

Getting so impressed that your wig is snatched.
Ex. “When she started dancing with him…Everyone’s snatched!”

20. #Goals

Term to emphasize your goals.
Ex. “Having a vacay with your bestie? That’s #goals for sure.”

21. #Blessed

Term to emphasize your blessings. Used by a lot of social media influencers.
Ex: “My mom gave me the new iPhone! Simply #blessed.

22. Ratchet

State of being a mess. Wordplay from the word ‘Wretched’
Ex. “Honey… stop this ratchet madness…”

23. Hunty

A fiercer term to call a friend.
Ex. “Go ahead and slay the world, hunty!

24. OTP

Abbreviation. One True Pairing. A term for a couple that’s considered soulmates.
Ex. “I don’t care about the other fans, okay? Will and Elle are OTP!

25. Keep it 100

Putting the effort in maintaining healthy relationships.
Ex. “If you want to be happy, I suggest you keep it 100, okay?”

26. Woke

Someone who aware of the current issues with the world– and talks about it all the time.
Ex. “She’s just a trying-hard woke… She keeps saying to ‘save the turtles’ but can’t even throw the trash in the proper bin…”

27. Stan

Combination of Staker + Fan: Some next level fanboying/fangirling.
Ex. “So I was messaging this Loonu Stan and she’s scaring me a bit, to be honest…”

28. Receipts

Proof of evidence.
Ex. “Where are your receipts? Have you seen his messenger? How can you be so sure that we’re cheating behind your back?”

29. Extra

Being over-the-top with things such as clothing or actions.
Ex. “She just wore that magnificent low-neck gown on her sister’s wedding day…That’s so extra.”

30. Low-Key

Treating an object, person or event with little emphasis
Ex. “Yes…We’re dating but like we’re kinda low-key about it.”

31. Mood

Relating to something.
Ex. “I saw that woman eating 6 burgers in one sitting– that’s a Friday mood for sure.”

32. Salty

Being bitter or jealous of something.
Ex. “Let’s be real here. You’re just salty because she’s still in a relationship!”

33. Clap Back

A sassy reply from an insult.
Ex. “Dana’s clap back will be the death of Jean’s popularity I swear!”

34. Humble Brag

Bragging about something but delivering it humbly.
Ex: “So I’m glad I have a nice boyfriend. He gave me this pandora ring and he worked hard for it. Like, he’s the best–”

“Can you stop with the humble brag please, Dianne?”

35. Adulting

Doing adult responsibilities such as paying the bills.
Ex: “I’m so done with adulting. Can’t I just go back to high school again?”

36. Trolls

Someone who makes fun of people online for fun.
Ex. “What have I told you? You shouldn’t answer back on Trolls! They just want your attention.”

37. Dank

High-quality or cool.
Ex. “I got some dank videos here. I’ll send you the links on your messenger…”

38. Throw Shade

Insulting someone is a clever way.
Ex. “I can’t believe Amber threw shade on Dana. We’re all shook!”

39. Shook

Word-play on the word shock. Being surprised.
Ex. “When I found that they were engaged…We’re all shooked.”

40. Phubbing

Using the phone while you’re with someone.
Ex. “I’m not gonna see her again. She just keeps phubbing the whole date…”

41. Triggered

Getting mad over something.
Ex. “She sent me those pictures on messenger and oh boy, I was triggered!”

42. IRL

An abbreviation that means “In Real Life”
Ex. “So what was your best friend like IRL?”

43. Bougie

Being rich.
Ex. “She’s out again with her bougie friends despite not being able to pay her rent.”

44. Canceled

Not supporting nor forgiving someone for a mistake. Usually used for celebrities and social media influencers.
Ex. “She’s selling contaminated lipsticks, of course, the whole beauty community will cancel her!”

45. Aesthetic

Something pleasing to the eyes. Beautiful.
Ex. “I’m so in love with her social media feed, it’s simply the aesthetic I’m aspiring to.”

46. Fam

Shorter-term for family. It can also be used for a group of friends.
Ex. “I’m going out with the fam tonight. Sorry, can’t come over.”

47. Squad

Another term to use for friends.
Ex. “I miss the squad. Let’s hang out soon!”

48. FOMO

Abbreviation. Fear of Missing Out.
Ex. “Are you really not going to Stacy’s party? Don’t you have FOMO right now?”

49. Living

Loving something so much.
Ex. “I’m living for her comeback album! Simply her best era yet.”

50. Legit

Short term for legitimate.
Ex. “I swear this new social messenger app is legit…Yup, it’s called EyesUP.” 

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