How Social Media is Changing our Lives: Relationship, Health, & Career

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A few years ago, social media doesn’t exist. Accessing the internet before is difficult only the high-class can afford it.

But as time went on, mobile phones became more affordable. Internet rates went cheaper. New free social media apps were launching left and right. The once wondered online world became accessible for everyone. Social became an important part of our lives.

People are hooked on these social network apps. If you would turn your eyes up away from this blog and just look around, you would see tons of people. All of them are either slouching their backs–busy checking their phones. Aside from gaming, most of them are checking the same thing: their social networking apps. Scrolling through their day with memes, life events, and videos.

With this fact, one might wonder: How is does social apps are changing the way we live? Are there more positive effects than negative effects? How significant these effects are?

Now before discussing the effects, here’s a quick rundown of social media is about:

What is social media?

According to, it is a form of media that allows people to connect and share info using the internet or mobile phones.

Here’s a longer definition form

Social media is computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. By design, it is internet-based and gives users quick electronic communication of content. Content includes personal information, documents, videos, and photos. Users engage with social media via computer, tablet or smartphone via web-based software or web application, often utilizing it for messaging.

Types of Social Media

  • Social Network – more on communicating such as messaging, video calling, and group chat apps.
  • Media sharing – mostly used to upload and view content such as photos and videos.
  • Blogging Networks – focuses on online publication.
  • Social Shopping Networks – Social apps for teenage shoppers. Fashion Influencers are mostly hooked on this since they tend to tag their outfits.
  • Discussion Forums – Apps that focus on discussions, forum threads, and such.

Benefits of social media

  • Instant connection to anyone across the globe. You can be updated to a life event of a relative in just minutes without even seeing them for years.
  • Maintaining friendships and relationships has become easier.
    Information is more accessible.
  • You can make a stand on national issues without physical risks.
  • Share awareness on stigmatized issues.
  • Marketing became more affordable.

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And now that we’ve given a rundown of what social networking is, here’s the list of ways social media has changed the way we live.

Social Media Effects on Relationships

  • It’s easier to build a platonic or romantic connection online. There are a lot of dating and social chatting apps.
  • Maintaining relationships is easier too. No need for phone calls or in-person meetups just to check on each other. However, this brought a different direction to dating.
  • More and more individuals are not being committed since there’s always “a lot of fish in the sea”.
  • Distance is no longer a challenge since you can connect easily.
  • For single-parent families, it’s easier for your child to keep up with both parents if they are available on social network apps.
  • Socializing becomes easier, especially for those with introverted personalities.

Effects of Social Media on Health

      • Mental health is highly affected as people compare themselves to the content they see in photo sharing apps.
      • Thanks to the surge of fitness accounts, more and more people are inspired to change their unhealthy ways.
      • Online forums and group chat rooms become a safe space to discuss health and wellness.
      • Posts on social network apps provide helpful information and products related to fitness. However, with the rise of fake experts, it’s important to check every information given to you online.
      • People are not getting enough sleep due to checking their social networking apps.
      • More people are getting more phantom vibrations– these are fake vibrations that you feel as if you’re getting a new app notification. This happens when you use social apps too much that you have the tendency to check your phone all the time.

Effects of Social Media on Professional Life

  • Online profiles are now a key factor when assessing an applicant.
  • It’s easy to contact clients now since you can video call or send them messages.
  • Compared to the traditional emails, the responses are quicker.
  • Social network apps are now one of the main distractions to workplace productivity.
  • Apps are now considered to be one of the main channels to garner sales. Social media marketing is slowly taking over traditional marketing now.

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Conclusion: Go with the flow but Use Social Media responsibly

Life is nothing but a series of changes. There’s nothing wrong with using social apps for information or entertainment. What matters is that you’re using it responsibly so that you won’t be able to be stuck on the endless scrolling and tapping.

New social media apps are also making some changes. They are finding ways to provide a simple yet powerful social networking experience. With this, they are giving features that will make us less distracted– giving us enough time to keep our eyes up from the phone.

Reinventing the Way we do Social Media: EyesUP

Speaking of those new social media apps, EyesUP is a new social network and messenger app that tries to do that.  It aims to provide a fresh networking environment for you.

Instead of having too many gimmicky features to keep up with popular social apps, EyesUP only brings in the essentials. This means users can still be connected and build their friends and followers, but having enough time to do things outside of the online world.

Interested in checking the app? Check it out here:

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