All About Social Media: Creating a Great First Impression Online

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First impressions are important, especially in social media. Once a person decides whether or not they like you based on their first impression of you, it’s often hard to change. As technology advances and brings communities online, how we are perceived on online social networks becomes just as important as how we are perceived in person–now that over 3.397 billion users are active across different online social platforms, with each person on average having a total of up to 6 social media accounts.

As much as we preach the old adage of “do not judge a book by its cover”, your presence online subjects you to the criticism of your audience especially on social networking apps and sites where we often share our personal information, musings, and photos. Even businesses and potential employers usually screen prospective clients and applicants online as a form of background check, and that includes browsing social media profiles.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you create a lasting and awesome first impression online to help you boost or improve your presence across different social channels:

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What kind of impression do you want to leave online?

1. Define the kind of impression you want to make on your social platforms

Are you on a job hunt? Or are you an aspiring influencer or content creator? What kind of image do you want to project to people who come across your profile? To start, it would be best to set a goal in mind and adjust your content accordingly. If you are currently looking for a new job, it would be best to focus on your business profiles and limit the visibility of your personal content. Or maybe it’s the opposite: you might be a hardworking professional who wants to come across as funny or likable online so you can connect with more people–it all starts with defining what kind of image you want to project online.

2. Assess the damages in your social channels

Have you tried Googling yourself? What are the relevant results that show up? Check if these are what you want people to see when they search for your name. Take note of which social networking profiles show up. Do the search results show content you don’t want your target audience to see? If yes, list down which specific pages or posts you feel is inappropriate. You might also want to update the information contained in your profiles to make sure that it’s accurate.

3. Filter your content on all social networking apps

Once you’ve listed down what you don’t want your target audience to see, it’s time to take it down or edit your privacy settings. Most mobile social networking platforms offer privacy features that let you display your content to a customized audience. For example, if you are looking for a new job, you should probably set to private or hide from public view all posts, photos, or profiles which contain information that is very personal in nature. You can also create a separate personal profile to use for interacting with your family and friends, and a business profile for work purposes. Some people create personal accounts under a different name or a variant of their real name so that when employers search them on Google, it won’t show up in the results.

4. Provide the proper visuals on online social media

The human brain processes visual information better, which is why we find it more appealing when content is accompanied by graphics and pictures. The same should go for your social channels: pair up your content with appropriate photos that could help convey your desired impression better. Put your best foot forward by posting pictures that depict you in a positive light or according to the image you want to project to your target audience or social community.

woman holding smartphone in office
With the right online social media presence, you might even attract career-defining opportunities.

5. Maintain your latest social network profile

Keeping up a consistent presence on social networking apps and sites helps boost your reach and reinforces the authenticity of the image you want to create. You can use tools to schedule your posts and help you manage your content better. Another way to maintain a constant stream of quality content on your profile is by following and sharing relevant posts from top influencers in your field or news and media pages.

You never know when a potential employer, client, or partner might be checking out your social channels so it’s best to start these practices as soon as possible! With the right online social media presence, you might even attract career-defining opportunities.

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