10 Social Media Habits You Should Change This 2020

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It’s the new decade. Social media isn’t the social media we used to know.

When these social networking platforms erupted in the 2010s, it’s nothing but a silly online profile. Nowadays, you could lose your job, find your future partner, get into showbusiness or even save a life through these online platforms. Social media became the real deal.

With this, it’s also time for us to step up. As people are taking social network more seriously, online users should reconsider their typical habits online.

10 Social Media Habits You Should Change This 2020

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Wondering what are those typical habits and what changes should be made? You’re in luck. We’ve listed the 10 typical social media habits, and the changes we should be making with these habits.

#1: Posting Anything You Want

Before, social networking apps are somewhat a free place to share wacky posts. Even if things are embarrassing, you just click share because you know nobody cares that much. But as of today, social media has become our online representation. Posting offensive content targeting a minor group? Good luck with that. Posting about your failed relationship? You could get viral through online “gossip makers”.

With this, you should be wary of the things you’re posting on social networking platforms. Avoid posting offensive jokes or putting up weird photos. You might no realize it, your professional colleagues and relatives are checking your profile. Don’t give them the wrong impression.

#2: Debating with Internet Trolls

Imagine this scenario: You’re peacefully reading a social media post about your favorite author. After seeing the post, you then checked the comments section. There you see a comment nitpicking about the author’s nose. It’s irrelevant to the topic nor the talent of your favorite author but you find yourself aggravated with the comment. You replied to his comment, and that started weird exchanges about the author’s nose.

You thought you were protecting your idol, but you realized that you just fed a troll. Even if you stopped the convo, the damage has been done.
Trolls are social networking users that are under an anonymous persona and are busy triggering people. By responding to them, you’re actually letting them win because they got your attention.

With this, you should ignore troll comments, even if it’s posted on your own profile. Discussing with them is basically pointless. Instead, delete the comment and report them.

#3: Using The Same Password for All Social Media Accounts

Social networking platforms are bringing different features to improve users’ security but despite that, hackers are also getting more creative in stealing people’s data. With this, users should make own efforts on securing their social media accounts– specifically your password.

Here are some tips when making passwords for your social apps:

  • Your passwords should include at least 12 characters.
  • Avoid using basic personal details such as your birthday.
  • Don’t use common substitutions.
  • Update your password regularly. You can either establish a base password then add mixed symbols on it or change it completely.
  • Reusing your passwords is a no-no.
  • Use online password testers to know if your password is strong enough.
  • Use a password to avoid getting confused with your passwords.

#4: Not Fact-Checking

Remember, not everything that’s posted on the internet is true. So when you see news or facts that you’re planning to share, go ahead to google and search about it to know if it’s legit or not.

Read the full article, fact-check, then if it’s true, that’s when you share it. If it’s not true, you can inform the people through the comments section that the information is fake.

#5: Comparing Yourself to Other Users

We’re all guilty of this scenario. You’re busy liking cat photos when you stumbled to a friend’s profile. You then checked the profile and found yourself admiring his/her best life. Your friend is going on out-of-the-country vacations, working on one of the fanciest companies in the world, and even have time to make some #couplegoals with his/her partner.

You then find yourself comparing your life to your friend’s life, and it’s making you sad by the thought that you’re not having a grand time, unlike this friend.

Here’s the thing: Social media is not a reflection of one’s reality. For some people, they consider their profiles to be their venting space while others use social media to showcase the highlights of their life– thus the picture-perfect posts.

Comparing yourself to a thoroughly-created profile isn’t going to help you. Instead, focused on your goals and use social media to connect.

#6: Using Social Media Mainly to Consume Content

Most of us use social media to view stuff. Now, if you have the talent or knowledge to bring in entertainment or learnings, why don’t you share it with the virtual world? You could help someone, make someone happy or even get opportunities from your content.

#7: Using Social Apps While With Someone

The point of social networking is to connect, right? Don’t disconnect with someone from the real world just to like some memes. If you’re out with someone, put away the phone for a while and have a hearty chat with the person you’re with. The memes can wait– don’t waste the chance to bond with someone in real life just for that.

#8: Overediting Your Photos

Most of us aim for aesthetic feed. With this, we carefully edit the photos we post so that it could align with the theme or simply become flawless. But sometimes, it can get overboard. For this, keep in mind to edit photos that only enhances the photos and not fully changing it.

For example, travel shots should be as close as to the real thing as manipulating it to the extreme can misinform other people and give them false hopes on a certain spot.

#9: Sharing Screenshots

If someone sent you a message directly to messenger, even if it’s a joke or meme, don’t upload it. People send out private messages for a reason. Don’t break their trust and give people the wrong impression (since screenshot posts are usually out of context).

#10: Not Trying Out New Social Media Platforms

Yes, we’re used to the classics but sometimes you’ve got to try the new stuff too. There are different social media apps that are booming in the market that brings a unique approach to the way we do social networking. By trying out new social network apps, you get to meet new people, learn new channels, and figure out modern ways to socialize in the virtual space.

Want to try a New Social App? Try EyesUP!

Speaking of new social media platforms, try this latest social media app that’s making waves across the globe. Known as EyesUP, it aims to bring a different approach to the way we do social media– and that’s by focusing on the basics.

EyesUP Features

  • Customize your profile. You can use 6 photos as your profile picture.
  • Have high-quality voice and video calling.
  • Discover other content creators through the social networking app’s board.
  • Broaden your social network through a group chat.
  • Share videos and tag your friends and followers.
  • You can message, call, send photos and videos through messenger.
  • Request a feature to the EyesUP Team.

Interested in trying out the app? Here’s how you can sign up:

How to Sign Up on EyesUP

  1. Install the social network and messenger app here on the Google Play Store or iOS App store.
  2. Open EyesUP on your device and enter your mobile number.
  3. Wait for the 4-Digit code to be sent via SMS. Type in the code.
  4. A one-time password will auto-fill and complete your registration.
  5. Provide your first and last name together with your phone number for identity verification.
  6. Set a password and choose your unique EyesUP ID.


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