Social Media Ideas To Learn By Heart

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Almost everyone is on social media – it has become a space that’s more than just connecting (reconnecting) or making friends,  social media has become a wide cork board-filled events, business ads, leasing, and job hunting. Social media has become a venue for budding artists, their pages and account serve as portfolio given creating a customized website can be time-consuming.

Sure, there are customizable site like Wix that has templated background and menu preset to choose from but the point in this day and age is to be relevant, in a social media space, whether it’s twitter on Instagram , it allows you to develop your audience and at the same time get the knack of what sells and what works.

But what does it take for one to thrive and succeed? The only answer I can think of is to stay relevant – be updated with trends and they’re quite complex and elaborate at first but you’ll get the hang of it so we’ll break down ideas to learn by heart to kick off your road to success

Conceptualize Your Posting plan

What posts will you come up with? Photos, livestream, videos, or GIFs. Creating a set of content posts like updates with scheduled social media activities at a certain time period helps a lot to build to reach your potential market.

Create a Brand Aesthetic

It helps your users get an idea of what kind of social media page you’re running. For example, a budding photographer ideally creates a specific tone or specialized service, like say you work on event photography,

Reach out To Your friends and with Established pages

Staring from the ground can be a huge challenge and that’s where your friends come from, asking out one or two to share your page helps boost follower, and combined with teaming up with similar brands on social media definitely helps, an endorsement from the latter legitimizes your work.


If done right, these people could have twice the charm as you are especially the number of followers help, they’re constant social media activity gives your brand a presence and exposure for your page to be known – influencers in a way, are manifestation of your brand and gives an experience to their followers why your brand is something to be sought out.

Engage With Your Customers

Schedule a live video on Instagram and Twitter, it helps you interact with customers real time and gives you a full picture of the trends – going onto research helps but hearing and knowing what your customers and target audience give you a full picture of building your content, it helps you understand and know their perspective, and looking on this approach would definitely help you to come up with creative ways rather than beholden on what the other sites say because they can only produce so much information, and another bonus on engaging your contacts is that it allow you to think outside of the box and internalize what’s on their thought – needless to say, it’s a combined effort of search, customer engagement and a little amount of empirical research. Having a community presence doesn’t only benefit your end, but also consider your page as a way to connect other people.

Use the best Hashtags

It started on twitter, and it became a phenomenon and later on influenced other accounts to incorporate hashtags, as cheesy as they sound especially on wedding ones, it helps you track down which hashtags work, what people frequently use, this also tracks down other users who use the same hashtag and allow you to adapt.

Grammar and Punctuation Matters

This may sound condescending on the importance of grammar, having a uniformed wording phrase along with basic subject-verb agreement becomes a measure of your ability to communicate concisely, clearly to your customers, some may be challenging. On the basis of subject-verb agreement, gives a coherent thought of the messages you construct, it allows a user to have a complete train of thought of what you’re talking about, to make sense of what you’re saying.

SVA on grammar works like bread and butter, it makes the thought in the sentence consistent, unified and it gives a basic rundown of a series of thoughts put in the text in an organized matter.

Aside from grammar, punctuation goes hand in hand with grammar in a sense that we use apostrophes in common words like its and it’s, the former describing the subject, and second describing the subject itself, oftentimes spellcheck are a common issue which is inevitable.