14 Things You Should Avoid Posting on Social Media Platforms

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Here at EyesUP blog, we’re always talking about content ideas. We’re giving you the latest trends that you can use on your social network profile.

But we’re moving on another route for this post– we’re going to talk about the things you shouldn’t post on social media platforms.

Why You Shouldn’t Post Everything on Social Media Platforms

Before you protest that nobody should be limiting you, here are the things that could happen if you’re not fully aware of what you’re posting.

  • Possible Dangers to one’s life or family
  • Tainted Reputation
  • Losing time from posting nonsensical posts
  • More chances of getting scammed
  • Someone can steal your identity
  • Losing your job and career opportunities
  • Conflicts on Family, Friends, and Colleagues

14 Types of Post You Should Avoid Sharing on Social Media

Now that you can see the possible outcomes of reckless posting, here are the 14 types of posts you should avoid posting on social media, as well as sample scenarios that could resonate with you.

#1: Photos of Other People without Permission

Scenario: You went for a night out with your college friends. You had a blast drinking and partying all night. You then took photos of the event. The next day, you decided to upload the photos on social media without telling your friends. Little did you know, one of your friends lied to her boss just to get on the meetup. She’s now facing heavy consequences at work. It’s not your fault per se, but it could’ve been easily avoided if you asked first.

Uploading photos without proper consent is one of the worst things you can do to someone. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend, consent is always the key.

#2: Event Tickets

Scenario: You’re excited about the grandest KPOP event, as you scored one of the hottest seats. You took an uncensored photo of the ticket. By the time of the concert, you just found out that your ticket photos and your identity is used to scam some people, and now these scammed people are demanding you to pay them back.

It’s tempting to post tickets and such, especially if you’re super excited about it. But event tickets shouldn’t be posted before the event itself so no scammer could ever take advantage of it.

#3: Nonsensical Rants

Scenario: Work is tough. You’re having a misunderstanding with your partner. You’re in such an emotional moment. Instead of taking time off on social media platforms, you did the opposite. You went full “keyboard warrior” and start ranting about the Government, traffic, your partner’s lack of empathy and all the things that are wrong with the world. You closed your phone. Waking up in the morning, you realize your stupid mistake.

Oversharing information through rants on social media platforms can lead to a disaster. Your friends and colleagues may start talking behind your back about the post. Your partner could’ve read that and get more frustrated with you.

In this case, venting to a friend either in-person, secure messaging app or through a phone call is a better option rather than lashing on your friends’ list.

#4: Information you didn’t Fact Check

Scenario: You’ve seen news about a super typhoon coming up on social media, and just by reading the headline, you then shared it. The news went viral and caused hysteria in certain places. This was then debunked by forecasters, saying that it’s from a troll website.

One of the best things about the internet is that we can search for anything in a matter of seconds. This is why we should use it to confirm news articles, health tips, government announcements, promos, etc.

#5: Badmouthing Other People

Scenario: A colleague borrowed your jacket. She’s supposed to hand it over a week later. But it’s been 10 days. You’ve messaged her but she hasn’t read it yet. This made you more furious so you then “exposed” her on social media platforms, saying that she’s a horrible friend for not returning things. A lot of your common friends saw this and messaged you. She had an emergency and wasn’t able to return it because of that. You deleted the post, but the damage has been done.

In today’s “cancel culture”, everyone’s just ranting about someone. Whether it’s about a third party or a scammer, people seemed to love the drama of exposing someone online.

There’s nothing wrong with spreading awareness. A friend stole your laptop? You should definitely post it so people are aware of people to avoid. But if you’re doing this just for the sake of drama, then it’s better to consider other options such as messaging the person directly.

#6: Birth Certificate or any form of IDs

Scenario: You posted your own birth certificate because you find a certain detail meme-worthy. This led to some trouble as someone decided to steal your identity and got you registered on questionable sites.

This is common sense, but in case someone needs a reminder– don’t post your legal documents.

#7: Other People’s Announcements

Scenario: Your brother proposed to his girlfriend. He said to keep it mum but you still shared share memes about weddings and even commented that your brother is getting married. Because of this, the girlfriend’s family found it first through your comments. The announcement is ruined.

If there’s a life-changing event that is happening to a family or friend, don’t ruin their moment. Don’t meddle and let people announce whatever is happening in their lives.

#8: Messaging Screenshots

Scenario: A close friend messaged you some sarcastic jokes. You thought those were funny so you took a screenshot and posted the uncensored screenshot on your profile. Your friend then messaged you to take those posts down, since she doesn’t want her older siblings to see that. She then stops messaging you after that.

The info in direct messages should be kept between you and the recipient. If she shared a funny joke or a helpful tip, ask for permission and censor his/her name out.

#9: Offensive Posts

Scenario: You’re applying for your dream company. You passed the exam and the initial interview. You’re about to go to the final interview but weren’t able to when one of the interviewers found out your racist tweets.

Companies nowadays do a background check on your social media platforms. So if you have any old posts that have offensive jokes or racist statements, delete it now.

#10: Photos of your House

Scenario: You’re so proud of your home and the things you’ve added on it. You then took outside photos as well as some interior shots. A few days later, your house got robbed.

Taking photos of your house can bring danger since burglars can know your location and possible valuables they can grab.

#11: Vacation Plans

Scenario: You’re going to South Korea, and you’re so excited! You announced the trip on your social media platforms a few days earlier. A few weeks after your trip, you returned to an almost-empty condo unit. You got robbed.

Vacation posts should be made after the trip. It may be tempting to share how excited you are, but you can share it in a group chat instead. Posting upcoming vacations will only signal burglars that your house is fully unsecured.

#12: Money

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Scenario: You shared a photo of your earned money from commissions. You then got a lot of messages from acquaintances to invest in their “business”, and even from people asking to borrow your money.

Scammers, burglars, and opportunists are scouting for people they can scam on. Stay low-key and avoid posting about how much you earn.

#13: Intimate Details of Your Relationships

Scenario: You shared a photo of you in bed with your partner. For you, it’s just a cute lovey-dovey photo, but not for his relatives. You even got a message from his concerned mom, yikes!

When it comes to your romantic relationship, there’s no problem with sharing beautiful memories. However, stay away from sharing intimate moments.

#14: Posts with incorrect spelling/grammar

Scenario: Your crush finds you cute. He then searches your name on social media platforms and got disappointed, since you seemed not aware of “your” and “you’re”.

Okay, the sample scenario seemed shallow, but having posts with proper spelling and grammar will increase your chances of professional and romantic pursuits.

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