12 Emerging Trends on Social Media Platforms for 2020

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Social media platforms are evolving. Apps are publishing new features. Existing trends are getting more traction.

Social media is changing for the better, and we’re all ready for it.

Now, to give you a glimpse of what’s about to come, we’ve compiled 12 trends on social media platforms that are going to emerge in this new decade.

12 Emerging Trends on Social Media Platforms for 2020

#1: Livestreaming is Booming

When it comes to the type of content that’s trending on the social networking space, live streaming is booming. It started out as a fun feature where users are sharing a quick glimpse of their life. Nowadays, this feature is now utilized for the following:

  • TV shows are using live streaming to garner more audiences.
  • Social media influencers use live streaming to engage with their followers.
  • Companies have product demos, webinars, etc. through live streaming.
  • Online merchants Livestream their products and even do online bidding.
  • Gambling through live streaming is getting more prevalent.

#2: Chatbots are Getting More Reliable

Chatbots and AI-Driven Messaging have paved the way to the digital world. It has been used by several companies as it’s more efficient than solely relying on a customer support representative.

Of course, it’s still different to talk to an actual representative on messenger, but chatbots are a good way to start the conversation since people appreciate fast replies.

#3: More Social Apps are Using Augmented Reality

guy using social media platforms on VR

Augmented Reality is getting more visibility in the public, as it’s now used for pokemon-hunting and furniture-shopping.

Aside from that, social media platforms are using Augmented Reality to bring more entertainment to its users. People can now take selfies with special effects or create virtual scenarios with themselves with the help of AR.

#4: More Online Purchases are Coming From Social Apps

Online shopping continues to emerge, as some brick-and-mortar shops are already closing down.

Aside from e-commerce platforms, established shops on social media are marketing and making transactions on the platform itself. It’s also easier for a seller to build a business on social media, they will only need good tools for visuals, an engaging model, and a well-thought brand.

#5: Influencer Marketing is Evolving

Before, influencer marketing is all about the number’s game. Most companies are seeking for content creators that have high followers count. But as this type of marketing evolves, it’s no longer the most effective approach.

For influencer marketing, it’s all about exposure now. Businesses are seeking now for micro-influencers. They’re not as popular as other personalities but they can still bring in more exposure and even authenticity to the table, as to compare to popular influencers.

Instead of one popular personality promoting the product, they instead get more micro-influencers and let them post the products in a specific time and date.

This technique is used so that the product campaign can create a buzz on everyone’s social media feeds, thus leading to possible inquiries and conversions.

#6: Brands and Personalities are Posting Ephemeral Content

For those who are not familiar with Ephemeral content, it’s posted content that only lasts for about 24 hours.

Also known as stories, this is another type of content that is going to generate more buzz in the next decade. It’s also used now as engagement for followers as some stories on social network apps has quizzes, countdowns, and polls.

#7: Video Content is Consistently Growing

Another format that’s consistently growing on social media platforms is video content. As long as the video is in a reasonable duration and is not longer than 5 minutes, more people are going to watch the video until the end.

#8: Podcasts Are Getting More Attention

People might think that podcasts are getting less attention, but that’s not necessarily the case. Podcasts are having better ways of promotions– such as making short videos containing the highlights of the promoted podcast.

#9: It’s All About Quality

If you’re an aspiring social media influencer or someone working for a business, you have to amp up your social media as people are looking out for quality content.

It should showcase a unique way of storytelling, or contains something interesting or funny that’s shareworthy or tag-worthy.

#10: People are Paying for Premium Content

With the rise of content creators providing quality content across social media platforms, viewers are now willing to go the extra mile and pay their creators for additional content. Fundraising platforms are rising as well, bringing a steady stream of monetary income for these quality creators.

#11: Social Media is Becoming a Crowdfunding Channel

Aside from content creators, social media platforms have become a channel for the ones in need. Most people post their loved ones or someone they know that is in a medical crisis. Most of them succeeded in getting the funds they need.

On the other hand, some got to receive fundings even if they weren’t asking for it. One example from this is a couple that got viral for their engagement photo. Instead of some fancy restaurant, the guy proposed to his girlfriend in a fast-food chain.  As the story went viral, different people and brands pitched in funds and items for the wedding.

#12: New Social Media Platforms Are Getting More Recognition

Because of the various privacy scandals from established social networking and chat apps, people are searching for new platforms that could bring more security.

On the other hand, some people are moving away from social networking apps just because they want something new. That’s why new social apps such as Tiktok and EyesUP are getting more traction.

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