22 Social Media Memes of 2019: Which got the Most Followers and Likes?

Memes come and go, but there are some notable memes that garnered tons of followers and likes. These are the memes that are so memorable, we’re still mentioning it up until the end of this year.

Wondering what are those memorable memes that took the internet by storm? Here are the top 22 social media memes of the year, ranked.

Top 22 Social Media Memes: Trends That Gained Thousands of Followers and Likes this 2019

#22: Daenerys’ Passive Aggressive Squint

You know that weird squinty smile that moms give to their children when they break something? This is what Daenery (From Game of Thrones) encapsulates with this meme.

#21: Me and the Boys

It features a photo of the 60’s Spiderman Villains smiling together, somewhat similar to a modern group shot.

This meme meant to poke fun of mismatched people or an absurd situation that’s covering up as something “wholesome”. It also gives out some nostalgic references at times.

#20: Powerful Shaggy

This meme is meant to bring some irony to Shaggy’s character, as in Scooby-Doo, Shaggy is considered as the “weakest” character.

It features the stills on the behind-the-scenes interview of the Scooby-Doo movie. But instead of putting in the right subtitles, the internet decided to change it to lines that describe how “powerful” Shaggy is.

#19: Let me in!

Let Me In meme features a reaction image from American comedian Eric Andre. It’s pretty simple but a delightfully hilarious photo (and gif) of Eric Andre just frantically shouting “Let me in!” to a gate.

It’s used to relatable scenarios as someone seeing the latest release of “Stranger Things” up to political events such as Brexit.

#18: Bird Box Memes

This particular meme came from a popular Netflix Movie ‘Birdbox’. The characters are mostly on a blindfold in this movie, thus hilarity ensues. It’s used mainly as a reaction image when someone is being stubborn on certain relatable scenarios.

#17: First Image of the Black Hole

On April 10th, 2019, National Science Foundation issued a press release revealing the first-ever photograph of a black hole.

As the internet was raving about the said milestone, of course, it wasn’t safe from being a meme. The humor on this is that the blurry photo of the black hole is morphed into similar-looking objects, such as a PC power button.

#16: Aight Imma Head Out

Let’s be real: Spongebob will always have at least one popular meme every year.

For this year, it features a relatable reaction image when we get into situations we want to get out of.

#15: Learning to be Spiderman

This meme refers to a shot from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the recent animated film. It shows Peter Parker and Miles Morales and is used to imply the origin of a certain thing and the person who made a variation or copied the whole thing. This started garnering followers and likes when someone posted it on Reddit, featuring Elon Musk on the said meme.

#14: VSCO Girl

VSCO girl is a comical characterization of a teenage girl. VSCO girls are supposed to have tons of scrunchies, always has a hydro flask in her bag, loves the turtles and randomly “ssskssssss ssskksss” on her friends. It’s just meant to poke on mainstream teenage trends.

#13: Does This Spark Joy?

For those who are not familiar, Marie Kondo is a tidying expert (aka will help you organize your stuff). She has become an instant hit this 2019, as her book and Netflix series became more popular.

With that, fandoms were formed and memes were made, especially in related to her tip that only keep items that will “Spark Joy”.

#12: Gonna Tell My Kids

It’s a meme that joined in the last part of the year which features the internet posting photos of celebrities, fictional characters, and internet personalities with the caption “Gonna tell my kids that this is…” But instead of putting the real names, they’re putting up names of important people in our history.

#11: I’m Baby

One of the simplest meme formats on the list. It’s basically Kirby stating “I’m baby”. Where is this used? You can use this meme as an excuse for making petty things.

#10: Choking Sasuke

This meme came from Naruto: Shippūden anime series in which character Sasuke Uchiha is being held by the neck by his brother Itachi Uchiha.

In January 2019, image combinations and photoshopped images in which Sasuke appears being chocked by various individuals gained popularity on Twitter.

#9: Off-Ramp Meme

With this meme, it shows a car swerving into an off-ramp. On the highway sign, the meme’s author photoshops something the author disapproves of and something they would prefer. The car will then swerve to the author’s preferred (mostly absurd) choice.

#8: Me Explaining to My Mom

This meme has helped users garner tons of followers and likes from using the meme. It’s a two-panel image of a girl having a meltdown and seems to explain something, while the other person on the photo shows a confused look.

It’s used for people to share their strong opinions about certain things.

#7: Belle Delphine’s Bath Water

Belle Delphine is a popular internet personality, known mostly for her “gamer girl” character. She serves her followers with cute yet lewd photos on photo sharing platforms.

However, she took the extra mile and decided to sell bathwater. It got sold out pretty quickly and has become a meme as the story spreads out.

#6: Surprised Pikachu

Surprised Pikachu is a reaction image that you can use for something that you’re already expecting in the first place. It garners followers and likes for those who are using it especially on relatable or edgy scenarios.

#5: Table Cat

This meme features a 2-panel photo of a woman hysterically screaming and a cat who seems surprised with the whole thing. It has a similar vibe to “Me Explaining to my Mom” meme.

#4: Ah, sh*t here we go again

This came from the video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA).  You can use this reaction image when someone is dealing with something difficult or cringey.

#3: And I oop!

You can use this trending slang-slash-meme for surprising or awkward moments. It came from a video of Jasmine Masters discussing something and stopping mid-sentence, blurting out that iconic line.

#2: The World Record Egg

On January 4th, 2019, the @world_record_egg Instagram page uploaded a photograph of a brown egg along with the description “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram”. By the time, it seemed to be an impossible goal, but just after 10 days, the post gained 28.3 million likes and overtaking Kylie Jenner’s previous record.

And because this legendary egg has gotten lots of followers and likes, people started making memes out of it.

#1: Storm Area 51 Event

Topping the list is none other than Area 51 memes, at this meme did not just get followers and likes, the event actually happened.

The meme started out as a troll Facebook invite, which the original author invited everyone to storm Area 51 and see the aliens they are hiding on the said base. It became a rich source of memes and the event actually happened.

The raid only has a small crowd and some media people, but everyone’s still impressed though since nobody’s even expecting that the raid will actually happen.

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