Here’s the ‘Secret Sauce’ to get Social Media Followers

Nowadays, you can earn from ‘follows’ and ‘likes’. With this, digital creators are trying different tricks and gimmicks for more social media followers.

I mean, why would you sleep on influencer marketing? Being an influencer can bring in brand deals. You can also have paid gigs, and even opportunities to become a celebrity.

This is why people are hustling to become one of the internet’s prominent influencers. People are flocking on different photo sharing apps on Android or iOS, just to be on the pioneer creators. Internet users are working their way to learn the top mobile editors. Everyone is checking new social media apps just to be the first users.

And most of them are researching for tips. You could even be one of them, considering that you’re reading this article.

Now, before diving into that “secret sauce”, let’s check out the basic tips on having more online followers.

Tips to organically get more followers on Social Media
1. Build a Trusted Brand

When you’re starting out, ensure to fill out every detail available. Having an incomplete profile may doubt your visitors. Especially now, where catfishes are spreading around social network apps.

Also, when it comes to your content, having a cohesive look is going to attract more followers. Try to learn and create your unique style, and for sure visitors won’t easily forget your profile.

2. Hop on Trends

When there’s a trending topic, building a series of content around it can help you gain more followers. This is why checking different news sites and social media platforms is a must.

You can also check out Feedly. It’s a platform that compiles different articles from your chosen websites. In this way, you’re sure that you won’t miss anything.

3. Be Consistent with Posting

As much as possible, post on your social network apps daily. Visitors will most likely follow an account that is posting regularly than the ones who don’t post at all.

4. Post High-Quality Content

Be consistent with posting but at the same time, ensure that you’re posting quality content. Especially with photo-sharing apps, quality > quantity. Learn more about the basics of photography, as well as how to edit certain photos.

5. Ask People to Follow You, but don’t be desperate!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a follow. But keep in mind, this only works with the people who already liked or commented on your content. Asking someone who has no clue about your profile may find it questionable than engaging.

You can either send a message or reply to their comment (if they’ve commented on your post). If they do follow, good for you! But if they don’t, no need to fret and engage with other visitors.

6. Bring Freebies

People love free stuff. This is why one of the best ways to get new followers is through giveaways. To start off, find an item that resonates with your audience or with your niche. After that, make criteria on how you can the people on the raffle– you can ask the visitors to follow your page, like the post and tag some people. After that, you’re all set.

7. Promote your social media channels outside the internet

If you’re going to cons and events, it’s also great to mention your social network apps as you talk to the attendees. In that way, you can have a new follower that engages with you.

Now, we mentioned the basic tips on getting followers. But among these tips, there is one secret sauce that will be helpful for any type of social networking platform:

Target your content with the right people.

You might say that this tip is also as common as the ones mentioned above, but people often overlooked this.

We get so obsessed with getting followers, that we don’t even care if they actually are checking our stuff. We spend the time creating the most aesthetic feed. But if we’re not targeting it on the people who would actually appreciate it, it’s gonna be pointless.

That’s why there’s a lot of social media profiles and social network pages that are high in followers but low engagement.

How to target the right people?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to keep you started.

Targeting Tip #1: Build a persona for your target.

What type of people are you aiming your content to? Try to define its age, status, gender, industry, and such. You can even put a name for if that could help you remember your target more.

Targeting Tip #2: Research about your target.

Know where to find them, what kinds of social media pages are the following to, as well the best time to reach them.

Targeting Tip #3: Use appropriate hashtags.

You can get high reach with generalized hashtags. But don’t forget having niche hashtags. This specific hashtags will help you filter out the audience that you should win over.

Targeting Tip #4: Follow relevant accounts/competitors.

If your account is more into traveling, following travel accounts would be a big help. You’ll have more chances of becoming a suggested account. You can also spark curiosity from these accounts.

Targeting Tip #5: Comment on relevant/competitor accounts.

Aside from following these relevant accounts, commenting on these accounts is another strategy. You only have to make sure that you’re giving them a relevant comment. Self-promotion and spamming will only lead to unfavorable results. Don’t also be too direct with sharing your profile, just be casual and engaging as much as possible.

Targeting Tip #6: Engage with users who are following the relevant accounts.

If you can see the followers of your competitor accounts/related accounts, go for an in-depth scan. Search for those followers that might fit with your target. You can either follow, like and comment on their profile or be more direct and send them a message.

Growing your Profile on Social Media Apps can be tough…

These tips and tricks go to show that social media influencing is a tough job. A successful social profile isn’t all about a pretty face or a quirky feed, there are also metrics to be measured. It requires extensive research and strategy.

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