History of Secure Messaging Apps

Impact of Secure Messaging Apps

Social media is currently used to interact with people from different countries, backgrounds, and age. Despite opposition from some groups, it is not inevitable to see that more activities are no longer done with friends and family members in public but it will now be performed through the use of online role-playing, private groups, and instant messaging apps. Because of personal and work-related purposes, many people spend almost all of their waking hours looking in front of a personal computer or smartphones in order to send instant messages. It has been shown that more than 2.5 billion people have downloaded at least one messaging app.

Issues about online security and invasion of privacy by hackers and programmers concern most people especially those who have sensitive jobs so look for more complex ways in order to protect their well-kept secrets and private information. If ever you are one of those who worries about these problems, private messaging apps are already dominating in app stores and over 70% of online users install at least one.


Secure messaging apps provide a way to communicate safely with others using end-to-end encryption in order to send sensitive text, voice or video messages including media. Only the authorized parties of the communication can decipher the messages and no one, including the developers, shall be able to eavesdrop in conversations. There are also some apps that provide additional features in order to improve message secrecy such as setting duration in message expiry and progressive text reveal.

Most of these free and there are a growing number of apps available for download.


Secure messaging apps are very popular nowadays because it is a very important communication tool, especially when discussing sensitive matters. People worry less about their private information being leaked or eavesdropped by hackers because they are improving on a daily basis and make their systems more secure. Aside from that, it allows more people to be brave and say what they truly feel about a given situation because their identities remain anonymous.

Despite all these positive advantages, there are still negative implications in its usage. Aside from business owners and citizens who are concerned about their privacy, criminals and hackers use it for their benefit. Because of these apps, they now have the platform to plot shady election campaigns, plan terrorist acts or other illegal activities without fear of being caught.

Government officials are also some of the top downloaders because they are using it to talk about the condition of the state or country where they are working. Although they are the same people who push to implement laws and regulations that aim to make encrypted communication less private. Some of the lawmakers even try to create bills that promise greater assistance to companies who will reveal to them confidential information that benefits them.

Yes, using secure messaging apps have potential risks. But the benefits are greater and it shouldn’t discourage you to try even at least one.