16 Tips to Effectively Boost your Career Using Social Media Apps

Social media apps have become an essential tool to connect with others, share memories, and even make online purchases.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, social media apps are also starting to be an important component of building our careers.

For example: During job hunting, clients and employers are not just checking out their resume and transcripts. They’re also checking out social media profiles of their applicants to ensure that they’re picking the right person for the job.

With this, we should leverage our social networking profiles to become more professional and more attractive to potential employers and clients.

That’s why we have here the 16 tips you can follow to boost your career using social media apps.

16 Tips to Effectively Boost your Career Using Social Media Apps

woman checking her social media apps

#1: Start it with a Social Media Audit

Before doing any major or minimal changes on your social networking profile, assess your existing profile first.

You can google yourself and check the things that comes up first. Check the pages you’re following, tagged posts, comments— check everything visible to the general public.

#2: Remove Any Inappropriate Content

Now as you are doing your social networking audit, remove any inappropriate content that you stumble along the way.

What are these “inappropriate” content? Here are some examples:

  • Badmouthing a previous company or competitor.
  • Sharing controversial posts that contradict the mission and vision of the company you’re working/applying to.
  • Sharing Confidential content. Don’t just casually screenshots of work emails. This just shows you’re not respecting the company rules.
  • Sharing complaints about working. Some work-related memes can be funny but sharing it to your personal profile is a big no-no. If you want to share it, just send it to some friends privately on messenger.
  • Mocking clients, bosses, and coworkers. This is very unprofessional and no one would trust working with someone who disrespects his/her acquaintances.

#3: Create a Professional Profile

Now that you’ve decluttered your existing profile, you can start building your professional profile. It’s up to you if you want to create a separate account for this, though it can be time-consuming on your end to monitor 2 accounts.

What should be contained on your professional profile?

  • Professionally-taken profile picture.
  • A brief social media bio (length varies on the social media platform that you’re using)
  • Showcase awards and certifications.
  • Branded posts with consistent visuals and tone.
  • Highlighted Works/ Projects

#4: Choose The Right Platform

Once you’ve figured out the things you want to put out online. You can then assess the social network platforms you want to focus on.

Social media apps like Facebook and EyesUP are good in building branding with while LinkedIn and Twitter are good to post career-related content.

#5: Showcase your Expertise

No one will believe you’re a professional photographer unless you’re posting your works. Showcasing your skills through posts will be your online proof that you are an expert on what you do.

#6: Share Content Related to Your Career

Aside from your own publications, you can also share content from other people related to your industry.

This will show that you have extensive knowledge of your industry, as well as that you’re open to new learnings— a trait that is attractive to some clients and employers.

#7: Post your Work-Related Events

Posting work-related events such as seminars, team buildings, and major town-hall meetings show your social skills and how you maintain quality relationships within your team.

#8: Use Social Media To Market Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with posting about your services. Who knows, maybe someone from your followers and friends is in need with that exact service. Occasional posting can do wonders.

On the other hand, overdoing this may backfire on your end.

#9: Build Connections

Follow people related to your industry. If possible, you can send them a friend request. Knowing some people within your industry can bring more opportunities and learnings to your table.

But before spamming the follow and friend request button, only connect to people you think you’ll connect in real-life too. Choose someone that has a similar position, or someone that you have several mutual friends with.

#10: Make Sure Every Post is Typo-free

Always check your wordings. There’s also an edit button for those unexpected mishaps.

#11: Follow Publications and Known Experts Related to your Career

Aside from sharing your learnings, you can also use social media apps to do some informal learning. There are tons of personalities and social pages that are sharing information about your industry.

#12: Join Professional Groups or Group Chat Rooms

If you’re the type who likes to discuss topics related to your field, then go on professional groups or chat rooms that are under your industry.

By joining, you won’t miss out on the new trends as well as learn different perspectives on handling work. It could also be a good source to find people to network with.

#13: Follow Your Dream Companies

We long to work with certain companies. Now, to get to that path, you can start by following your dream companies on their social media accounts. Learn about their culture and check their openings regularly.

Once you have the opportunity to apply to the said company, you already have an edge since you’re knowledgable with their culture and values.

#14: Build a Large Following

If you’re working as a freelancer and is more focused on getting clients, elevate your value by having a large following. It shows how solid your reputation is and that you’re a true expert on what you do.

#15: Look for Part-time Gigs on Social Media Apps

Since we’ve mentioned freelancing above, you can also use social media apps to hunt for part-time gigs. Check out groups, company pages, or even some of your connections on the industry and see if they are looking for new people to add on their team.

#16: Show Your Personality

There’s nothing wrong with being professional, but still, be human. Employers and prospects aren’t just looking for skills, they are also looking for people with personalities that fit with their team.

Show your hobbies and interest. Tell a funny story that happened during vacation. Post pictures with your dog.

Your profile is an online representation of yourself— don’t forget to show that.

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  • You can message, call, send photos and videos through messenger.
  • Request a feature to the EyesUP Team.

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14 Ways to Use Social Media Apps in a Healthy Way

Social media apps are the first thing we view in the morning and the last thing we check at night. It has shaped the way we communicate, perceive, and interact.

Despite the negative backlash from popular social media apps, people are still hooked. And because of this, new social media apps trying to get a cut too.

This only makes social media unstoppable.

Now in terms of its effects, most people focus on the “bad” effects. They say that people are getting more distracted. Communication isn’t as authentic. Everyone is hiding behind the “happy mask”.

We’re not saying that mentioned above aren’t true because social media has its advantages and disadvantages.

But before you deactivate your social network accounts and go for a 100-day retreat, also know that social media can be more helpful than damaging.

We can get more positive effects of social media if only we’re using it healthily.

What’s the difference between healthy and unhealthy use of social media?

According to thriveworks.com, you can see a healthy social media usage when the person does this to his/her profile:

Advertising. Connecting. Networking. Staying in touch.

It then becomes unhealthy if we’re actually getting hurt with the things we see on social networking platforms. If we started getting obsessed with our online profiles and start comparing that profile to other users, that’s when someone should analyze his/her social media activity.

14 Healthy Social Media Habits You Should be Doing

Now that we’ve tackled the difference between healthy and unhealthy usage of social networking platforms, you might wonder– What are the healthy ways to use social media?

Well, you’re in luck since we’re guiding you to a better social media experience. Follow these 14 ways and ensure that you’ll get a much peaceful and helpful social network experience.

1. Use Social Media with Specific Purpose

Whenever you’re opening your social network app, always have a predetermined purpose in mind. Once you’re done, close or log off from the app. This will lessen any chances of mindless scrolling.

2. Never Check Social Media Apps when you’re with Someone

At some point in your life, you’ve seen this scenario in a restaurant, cafe, bar, or any public establishment– you see two or three people who are not talking, just checking their phones. If you’re one of these people, stop it. It’s rude and only hinders your chance of having an actual connection with someone.

3. Think Before You Click

Even with the power of delete right at our fingertips, it’s so much better to think before sharing anything. Doing this will avoid embarrassment as well as conflicts.

4. Set Limits on Using Social Media Apps

Try to put up a schedule when using your social media apps. If you know you can’t sleep properly because of getting too caught up with your friends’ posts, then you can put up a limit where you can use your phone just until 8 PM.

5. Go More on Creating

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying content from other people but it will be so much better if you have something to share too. If you love to draw, you may start an art page or if you’re a great make-up artist, you can start sharing unique face looks too. Aside from getting attention and followers, you’ll also get more time to create instead of mindlessly scrolling on photo sharing apps.

6. Don’t Compare

You see your former classmate’s life. Oh look, she has a great boyfriend. 3 Dogs. She went to Japan last summer. She looks so happy.

This made you analyze your own photo sharing feed. Oh, you shared this nice photo of coffee. You just went to a local beach last summer. You’re single for five years now.

Now, instead of comparing your life to this person, be motivated to work hard to get the things you wanted. Do you want new dogs? Go ahead and look at a local shelter. Did she travel to your dream destination? Well, this should motivate you to start saving. Instead of ranting or sulking around how she got lucky, work on your goals instead.

7. Remember that Social Media isn’t Reality

Social media only shows a glimpse of our realities. Not everyone shares everything on social media. I mean why would someone share their horrible problems? Why would anyone ruin their feed like that? That’s why don’t take social media posts too seriously.

8. Call your Friends

We get that messaging someone is more convenient. Sending some “lol” with emojis is quicker than having a one-on-one phone call. But sometimes, having to listen and talk to a close friend is so much better than a bunch of messages. There are also WiFi Calling and Video calling on most social media apps, use that.

9. Be Selective with People that you Follow

Not everyone will bring you a positive or helpful impact. So if you think that a certain acquaintance or personality’s profile is not going to help you in any way, then click the unfollow or unfriend button.

10. Don’t Troll Around

If you’re one of those people, stop. Stop spreading negativity or cyberbully other users. What kind of satisfaction would you get from trolling around? Imagine the wasted time that you spent from commenting nonsense, sharing nonsense and messaging people with unhelpful and sometimes hurtful stuff. You just didn’t waste someone’s time– you wasted yours too.

11. Don’t fight with Random People on the Internet

There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy debate or discussion through social media apps. But if it’s full of nonsense, then just avoid it. Stop feeding the trolls. Instead of focusing on their unhelpful quips, just log out or block the person. It saves a lot of time and will just infuriate them.

12. Show your Authentic Self

Everyone is aiming for colorful feed– but also remember to express your true colors too. Show your interests, hobbies outside social media, your perception with certain issues. Showcase your art, your inspiration and the things that express the real you.

It’s easy to make a fun and trendy persona, but you’re only fooling yourself by doing it.

13. Go for Real-Life Goals

Aside from feed goals, go for life goals too. Go to that workshop. Learn to bake that cake. Visit that museum. Get into a healthier lifestyle. Finish that book you’re always curious. Try out things not just because you can post a picture after. Do it because you simply wanted to.

14. Live in the Moment

You’re not living to maintain your social media presence. Embrace life and let social media apps be a helpful tool to compile these beautiful memories and hopefully, inspire someone too.

Use the New Social Media that Keeps your Eyes Up: EyesUP

One of the things social media apps have in common right now is that they are too gimmicky. An app will showcase tons of features and perks, but then one will realize that these features aren’t essential, and just adding bulk to the already-heavy platform.

That’s why the newest social media app, EyesUP, ensure to reinvent your social media experience. It aims to bring only the important features, letting you focus on the things that truly matter.

Wanna know more about its features? You may check the features here. Also, check the app on Google Play Store and App Store.


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