Nine Things You Need to Do in New Social Media Apps

With all the information available on the things you should avoid doing in social media (like spamming, promoting false information, and more), what are the things that you should actually do while using those kinds of apps?

Here are nine things you absolutely need to do on new social media apps.



It is a necessity that the accounts you currently have on social media are showing the correct information to other people especially if you are using it for work purposes.
You should also have a username and profile picture that perfectly fits your personality and character.


One of the main reasons why you download and use social media apps is to maintain communication with people whom you are close with. It is also used to look for old friends and have a chance to reconnect with them again.

While you are enjoying the conversations and sharing or commenting on the posts of each other, it is only natural to see the mutual friends you have and expand your social circle. Remember also to take time and listen to them too especially if you can personally help with their concerns. After doing these things, it is, therefore, less awkward to find new respondents for your thesis, meet potential clients, and hang-out somewhere.


If you want to bring more spunk to your profile specially if you are already known for providing a certain theme in your posts, it is advisable to try out a different idea for your posts once in a while.
An example of this is that if you are known on social media as the person who loves to emphasize the shade of black on every picture, it is alright to post a colorful photo once in a while about something that truly matters to you. It will give your followers a glimpse of your personality and at the same time, you will have content which they can talk about for the upcoming days.


If you are not a casual user and want to be known online, you should curate your content well, show the best versions of the talents you already have, and schedule your posts to a time when many people are available to see your updates. Having a concrete plan allows you to control how others will perceive you based on your preferences and what they currently see on your social media accounts.

Aside from that, it is important to have an analysis of what posts generate the most likes and shares to have an idea on what type of media you should share more often. Focus also on what social media apps do you want to create an account based on the number of its followers.


Before sending that drunk status to your ex-partner or posting a very random office rant where everyone, including your boss, can see in plain view, you should think twice before posting about something especially if it will have serious implications on the future of your career or your personal life.

Aside from the context of your posts, you should also double check the content itself by making sure that it will have no errors in grammar and spelling and proofread it well before actually posting. Aside from the main title or to place emphasis on a certain line, it is not advisable to use ALL CAPS on your messages because other people might feel offended and will think that you are shouting at them.

Be careful also on placing hashtags since it is used to connect your post to a certain trend or activity thus gaining more viewers or followers. Do not place a “#Hashtag” after every line or insert a lot of words in it.


Whenever you want to post any kind of content such as photos, videos, and any other kind of media on your social media accounts, it is necessary to give the proper credits especially if it comes from a different source. This can also help you in finding new friends or someone who can give you contacts to people you need to talk for a certain project.
If you want to tag someone in your post, you should ask permission if it is okay to them before doing it. Failing to do otherwise may result in dangerous consequences and may cost you a ruined friendship.


If you are aiming to keep your social media profile more personal especially if you have a different account for your office or school needs, you should be careful in accepting friend requests and select those you think should be a part of your online life.


It is important for people to see that you are using your social media accounts as a means to put a smile on everyone’s faces thru the videos and pictures you are posting or sharing, not the other way around.
Another thing you should take into consideration is making sure that you are not being offensive on your interactions especially if that person is someone you are not close with or has mutual friends with someone you truly respect.


After staring in front of your beloved gadgets, your eyes will get tired and signals your body to let it take a rest. It is therefore advisable that once in a while, you should have an opportunity to spend some time in family outings, class reunions, and do any other activities that will require you to stay away temporarily from the internet and simply enjoy the world around you.

Once you go back to your online activities, you finally have the energy to create new content and do the things you truly love.

These tips will certainly help in making your social media accounts more presentable and will be loved by all of your followers.

5 Social Media Myths To Consider

Social Media has been a staple in our lives in this day and age: we use mainly to communicate, share our activities, and sometimes we keep tabs on posting jobs since most employers have been scouting online for potential hires.

Business people and budding entrepreneurs have used social media as a home to promote and sell their products and thanks to messaging features, it has become accessible to communicate, social media has become closer and for that notion is a curse, and myths that create assumptions and entitlement of closeness, the idea of people would follow you just because we amazing content or something witty to say.

Myth in Roland Barthes terms are a set of common assumptions draws from a societal and cultural context, and in social media terms, having an account validates one’s existence and that’s why people within that space are consistently active and unfortunately, it takes one to succeed for social media.

Here are 5 myths you want to consider:


  1. Having the need to create a lot of social media accounts

The agony of having multiple social media accounts is the pressure of creating to follow people and to stay relevant, you’ll be wasting a lot of time keeping tabs on others’ activities, and honestly not everyone spends a lot of time on social media as much as you do – others may have the same sentiment as yours, some keep these accounts for job and career reasons, it may be true because it happens their co-workers and colleagues communicate for status report of their work.

The solution to this dilemma is to take around 3 accounts that people commonly use.

  1. A Huge Amount of Followers is equal to Success

Virtually, you can have thousands of friends to invite to like your page or follow you, numbers should project that you are successful and relevant and from a business or career perspective, it’s the demographic or target audience that needs to be the focus in order to meet your goals and fully actualize your endeavours.

  1. Big Results will come out in 3-6 months

3 to 6 months has become a running gag these days, projected expectations are at high if one forgets its demographic by setting goals and expectations. You have to ask, who is your audience? From there, you can definitely have an idea what kind of material you’ll be posting, your general followers come and go but your target audience will remain and anticipate the material that you’ll be posting.

  1. You Got The Right Demographic/Target Audience!

Congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot but not close enough. Upon realizing your target audience, you have an edge but here’s the catch: trends change, fads change and technology changes every now and then, say in a feature of creating content for social media requires understanding its updates, knowing what’s in or new. Needless to say, it’s a combination of research and adapting to technology which you should Utilize.

  1. Feedback

There are thousands of comments that sprung from your followers, it’s hard the fact you have to follow each of them and sometimes we to ignore them and just move along. Listening to your followers may do you a favor on using those words as an idea of things to consider on creating content and who knows, their output would definitely motivate you to do more and succeed! Customer is always right is the motto that is brutally honest.

To close the discussion regarding myths, social media’s ability to connect with the world is we forgot and we must make the most to communicate with the tools in our disposal. We must not rely and depend, be beholden on set-ups, expectations, templates that shackle us and struck with default workload but instead, work on goals that work and engage people.