5 Social Media Myths To Consider

Social Media has been a staple in our lives in this day and age: we use mainly to communicate, share our activities, and sometimes we keep tabs on posting jobs since most employers have been scouting online for potential hires.

Business people and budding entrepreneurs have used social media as a home to promote and sell their products and thanks to messaging features, it has become accessible to communicate, social media has become closer and for that notion is a curse, and myths that create assumptions and entitlement of closeness, the idea of people would follow you just because we amazing content or something witty to say.

Myth in Roland Barthes terms are a set of common assumptions draws from a societal and cultural context, and in social media terms, having an account validates one’s existence and that’s why people within that space are consistently active and unfortunately, it takes one to succeed for social media.

Here are 5 myths you want to consider:


  1. Having the need to create a lot of social media accounts

The agony of having multiple social media accounts is the pressure of creating to follow people and to stay relevant, you’ll be wasting a lot of time keeping tabs on others’ activities, and honestly not everyone spends a lot of time on social media as much as you do – others may have the same sentiment as yours, some keep these accounts for job and career reasons, it may be true because it happens their co-workers and colleagues communicate for status report of their work.

The solution to this dilemma is to take around 3 accounts that people commonly use.

  1. A Huge Amount of Followers is equal to Success

Virtually, you can have thousands of friends to invite to like your page or follow you, numbers should project that you are successful and relevant and from a business or career perspective, it’s the demographic or target audience that needs to be the focus in order to meet your goals and fully actualize your endeavours.

  1. Big Results will come out in 3-6 months

3 to 6 months has become a running gag these days, projected expectations are at high if one forgets its demographic by setting goals and expectations. You have to ask, who is your audience? From there, you can definitely have an idea what kind of material you’ll be posting, your general followers come and go but your target audience will remain and anticipate the material that you’ll be posting.

  1. You Got The Right Demographic/Target Audience!

Congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot but not close enough. Upon realizing your target audience, you have an edge but here’s the catch: trends change, fads change and technology changes every now and then, say in a feature of creating content for social media requires understanding its updates, knowing what’s in or new. Needless to say, it’s a combination of research and adapting to technology which you should Utilize.

  1. Feedback

There are thousands of comments that sprung from your followers, it’s hard the fact you have to follow each of them and sometimes we to ignore them and just move along. Listening to your followers may do you a favor on using those words as an idea of things to consider on creating content and who knows, their output would definitely motivate you to do more and succeed! Customer is always right is the motto that is brutally honest.

To close the discussion regarding myths, social media’s ability to connect with the world is we forgot and we must make the most to communicate with the tools in our disposal. We must not rely and depend, be beholden on set-ups, expectations, templates that shackle us and struck with default workload but instead, work on goals that work and engage people.

Five Quick Tips For Social Media Success

These Days, social media has become marketing tool for small budding business, some known indie film studios like TBA Studios and A24 has been dependent on utilizing social media publicity for live streaming Q&As, promotional photos, for the marketing of ‘The Witch’, A24 went great lengths on utilizing viral marketing from creating fake tinder accounts for characters to creating a mock site for ‘Satanic Revolution’ after the release of the first trailer that built anticipation and audience viewership.

Back in 2015, the release of Heneral Luna, the film struggled with box office sales on its first week that resulted to a series of pull out from major cinemas left and right that resulted from 101 cinemas to 40 and after a series of word of mouth on social media, and the latter utilize these posts and they prompted to interact more with their followers that garnered a sizeable amount of fanbase.

From 40 cinemas, the following third week earned 70 cinemas, that is two-thirds of the original cinema slots, and TBA didn’t stop from their: they became active on facebook on twitter, by posting trivia ok Luna and Philippine history, they created memes that caught the attention of neitizens and got multiple shares and fanarts from the fanbase they promoted them, the two sparked the hype, and also it helped that the studio constantly post updated list of cinemas that encourage audiences to see the film.

The success of Luna and The Witch show how much the internet and social media can become a powerful tool, and in Philippine context, going out from Batasan-San Mateo to Ortigas area can last for two hours, 10 years ago, that’s already considered an ideal travel time from Metro Manila to Sta Rosa, Laguna.

Most Filipinos are on social media for the fact that travelling has become a hassle, a lot of people are reluctant to go an extra mile to see a movie, go to an event or buy something, that’s where social media comes from. Here’s 5 quick tips how you can have a successful social media run:

  1. Interact with people – it helps one is punctual with users who are following your page and in this way, it helps create that relationship and on winning over one person would encourage him/her to spread the word that result to more followers
  2. Post photos – Putting up photos and video materials on product, service because it gives the idea, visually what kind of stuff are you promoting.
  3. Research your material –It helps a lot with googling your facts, it helps you understand the material you’re selling and the projected audience you have in mind
  4. Tailor your platform – What kind of material are you posting? You need to have a certain voice of your page, color palette of photos and graphics you’re posting that stand out that are likelier to generate in algorithms.
  5. Schedule your post – Know when your users are active or using social media at a specific time, it helps garner your followers’ attention, it gives you an idea when is the best time to post something that reaches to your followers.