Ghosting, Benching, and Other 22 Dating Terms on Social Media Today

With social media today, finding love is something as convenient as shopping.

As Simon Sinek mentioned in one of his conferences, he’ll swipe right and boom! He’s a stud. He said it for comedic purposes, but we can never deny the fact that right at your own home, you can find someone to date.

With online dating, no need to put on a killer look and go out. You can be in your bedroom, half-asleep, and still, get a date on a Saturday night.

Along with the benefits of modern dating comes a spiral of unwritten rules and terms.

But before we go in-depth with today’s online dating scene, let’s take a few steps back.

Quick Flashback: How do people date before social media apps?

Back when dating and social networking apps didn’t exist, people have to do creative ways to find a date. It requires a lot of effort, money and a whole lot of confidence.

  • People have to put up ads in the newspaper. There are no photos and interested parties are now relying on trust and a few descriptions.
  • Most magazines have penpal sections. It’s like classified ads, but for dating. People send out their address details and a short description of themselves.
  • You have to wait for weeks or even months just to receive a letter.
  • You have to go out and party to meet new people.
  • People can also seek services from a dating agency.
  • If you’re the daring type, you can go on Love Matching TV shows.
  • Blind date, this sometimes works, but most of the time can lead to embarrassing situations.

Some of these methods still exist. Dating Reality TV shows are still a thing such as The Bachelor. Partying and dating still go hand-in-hand. But as technology becomes more accessible, most people resort to online dating now.

22 Online Dating Terms To Know About

If you’re trying out online dating, we have today’s the top 22 dating terms on social media today. This will be your guide on the current trend of modern dating.

Social Media Today’s Most Popular Dating Terms

These are terms widely shared and used about online dating:

Ghosting – The act of cutting communication with someone, without any explanation.

Breadcrumbing – Sending of flirtatious messages, without the intention of having a relationship.

Slide into DMs – The act of sending direct messages to someone on social media. This term is most likely to be used if the recipient is a stranger.

It’s Complicated – Relationship status for couples who are not sure with committing.

Friends With Benefits – Friends who engage in romantic activities without commitment.

Netflix and Chill – Dating on someone’s house while Netflix is on, usually leads to cuddling or other romantic activities.

Ship/Shipping – Wishing on two individuals to have a romantic relationship.


Talking to someone and getting confused with the terms that the person is sending? Here are the popular ones you might want to check out:

NSA – No Strings Attached. Engaging in romantic acts without an emotional connection.

DTR – Define The Relationship. Act wherein the couple is deciding what kind of relationship they should have.

BAE – Before Anyone Else. A term used to refer to a romantic partner.

OTP – One True Pairing. Don’t get confused this with One-Time Password. OTP is used to describe a long-term romantic couple.

Newest Dating Terms From Social Media Trends

As social media continues to flourish, new terms are showing up:

Benching – When a committed person likes someone and is contacting them in case he/she breaks up with an existing partner. Thus, putting that person “on the bench.”

Cuffing Season – Season on which people want to be “cuffed” into a relationship. Happens during cold seasons.

Orbiting – Act of checking someone on his/her social media accounts, but have zero plans of messaging him/her.

Haunting – Happens when someone came back from ghosting but is having minimal interactions with that person on social media (e.g. liking posts).

Zombieing – Coming back to someone after ghosting him/her.

Phubbing – When someone keeps looking on their phone during the date.

Catfishing – The act of making a fake account with a different identity. Usually used by internet predators who want to steal suggestive photos or money.

Micro-cheating – Small acts that may be considered as being disloyal to one’s partner. Examples of this would be sending gifts, being touchy or other “too friendly” acts with the opposite sex.

Mooning – Act of turning off the phone, or turning off the message notifications of someone.

Stashing – When you’re already in a relationship, but has no plans of introducing them to your friends and family.

Creeping – Following someone’s life through his/her social media accounts, but has no plans of chatting with them.

Tuning – step on dating which the individuals are discovering if their compatibility is in “tune”.

Curving – Act of pretending to be interested, but their social interactions with the person say otherwise.

There are pros and cons of social media dating in the same way as with traditional ones. The terms mentioned above are a glimpse of what it is all about.

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