Why it’s easy to use social media

Social media is easy to use because of a handful of reasons: there are often user guides or tutorials plus help or support links to name a few. Share and write post buttons are visible in the page that it’s not hard to find them. Sure, it can be confusing, and it takes time to get the hang of it.

That being said, let’s list down the features and tools to look out that has been frequently used, from there you’ll be able to familiarize.

  1. Create a post

Usually present on topmost center, creating a post is visible, with one tap you can easily write something and click share absolutely helps, some have bundles like GIF, photo/video and poll attached for your own convenience.

The thing with creating a post is it becomes the only feature that you will be needing especially both ends display groups, and a button to view your profile.

  1. Notifications

Having your friends like, react and share your post make you feel closer than ever even in internet space, having notifications inform your friend or an acquaintance, the downside of notifications is that they tend to pile up especially if you belong to a number of groups and friends who are constantly interacting and sharing posts, the likes and reactions can be tiresome especially having to follow it.

Though the great thing about keeping tabs on notifs is that you basically get an understanding what why social media is easy to learn, keeping tabs on notifs teaches you how to interact, and clicking every single one directs you to a thread.

  1. Customizing Your Profile

While there are a lot of things you will have to fill up like your age, setting a profile photo can be quite a task but you have to remember you’re on social media, people get to know you and at the same time, you got to have a fine line on going onto your personal detail especially your address, including your mobile number, on the other hand, can be tricky since some social media platforms can be vulnerable for potential data breach and other risks.

  1. Getting in the details

Over time, you’ll get to find the value of using social media despite of its glaring obsession  effects, spending a considerate amount of time gets you the hang of it, putting, adding information on your profile and in no time, you’ll be able to understand to use social media and it’s not that hard though the challenge of social media is staying on it for hours, some even last half a day, glued in their cellphones that the downside is that it lessens productivity and interacting to people in person.


It’s easy to use social media because it’s designed for accessibility, anyone learns and uses social media, that’s why media outlets and fake news rely on the platforms because of its accessibility – and it’s free. The easy use of social media says a lot of the authentic aspect of our social lives that we must put in check.

Mico Orda